The Scorpio Lover

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Scorpio Lover

Scorpion, a sign that exudes charm and is regarded as highly attractive by other sun signs, is ruled by the element of water and is highly emotional. Just like the deep depths of water, scorpions hold within themselves extreme emotions which when manifested, can lead to a very deep and passionate relationship making the scorpions loyal lovers; ready to withstand any crisis.

This zodiac sign that roughly corresponds to the period between October 24 and November 22 signals the approach of winter when trees begin to shed their leaves and days become shorter and nights longer. This transformation is a reflection of the various characteristics of this sign as being maligned to the darker side of life. It is due to this reason that they are regarded as being highly possessive of their lovers, yet intense in their relationships. The scorpion lover can be possessive and extremely prone to jealousy on one hand and passionate, devoted and loyal on the other. Scorpions will be ready to stand through thick and thin for their partners. This intensity is due to the rule of planet Mars which also has a sexual influence over this sign making them very good in bed! The libido manifested due to the raw and aggressive power of the influence of the red planet produces the scorpion drive and desire for the perfect sexual coupling.

This sign is concerned with the use of power and is definitely capable of its namesakes devouring abilities! The symbol of the scorpion, an ominous little creature that grasps its prey in its claws and then stings it with its poisonous tail is not a far cry from what the scorpions are likely to do with their enemies! The scorpion carries a lot of potency in his tail and can use it when needed or provoked! The impact of Mars makes the scorpion extremely vengeful and ruthless, so be it their partner who has crossed them, or be it an enemy who may have hurt their partner, scorpions are sure to get their revenge! Yet, due to the same reasons the scorpion also has a lot of drive and energy which gives them the persistence and the ability to go to the heart of every matter, in turn making them lovable and devoted.

The influence of another planet Pluto, a god known for his underground activities, makes this sign very secretive along with a potential of penetrating vision in the subterranean recesses. The image of a volcano represents this plutonian energy in which the underlying magma of the psyche smolders and boils until it finally explodes due to the pressure. A scorpion will never let their emotions for their lover show very easily, or at least until a certain point in time when they are truly and purely serious about their relationship. But once they do get to the point of expressing their feelings, nothing stops them for going all out for their love and expressing their emotions quite literally!