The Pisces Month has Begun

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Pisces Month has Begun

Enjoy your day if you are celebrating your birthday today and advance wishes for all Pisceans waiting to celebrate their birthdays! Have you ever wondered what the fishes in the Pisces sign represent? The symbol shows two fish swimming in opposite directions and they represent the duality of Piscean personality. You would relate to it if you are a Piscean! The symbol also represents two crescent moons and the line that connects them, representing two different states of mind and the link between them.

Pisces is believed to be ruled by Neptune and the planet is regarded as the God of the Seas. Neptune also influences the spiritual and the mystical aspect of your personality. Pisces is a water sign hence natives are known to have high emotional quotient. Pisceans are also known for their love for fantasy, and people around them will find it hard to bring them back from utopia.  Though they may not be the most practical among the lot, they are surely one of the most creative bunch of people.  Pisceans are also blessed with accurate intusions which are beyond the five senses. This is the reason why Pisceans would make great divination professionals like astrologers, tarot readers and mentalists.

One of the greatest weaknesses of a Piscean is that he or she will be very submissive, which makes them susceptible to exploitation. If the creative bend of the Piscean mind gets a wrong direction and gets battered with negative experiences, they can develop a very pessimistic outlook towards life too.  The Pisces-born may not be the most organised or disciplined, so they may not make good employees or students. Astroyogi’s expert astrologers recommend practicing yoga and meditation to develop good control over their active and sometimes turbulent minds. Pisces natives have both negative and positive qualities, and the amount of success which they will be able to achieve would depend on the direction they choose. Get expert guidance from India’s best astrologers on Astroyogi.