The Pink Moon Phenomenon

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Pink Moon Phenomenon

The full moon of April is known as 'The Pink Moon', thanks to Native American tribes who coined different names for each full moon in a year. Now, before setting up your romantic dinner table beneath the open sky tonight, you need to understand that Pink moon doesn’t mean that the full moon would be glowing all pink tonight. The Full moon in April is named the Pink moon because it’s associated with the moss pink herb and the wild ground Phlox flower that grows abundantly in this month (mainly in U.S.A and Canada).

This year, the Pink moon will be visible on 11th April. Pink Moon is also known by many other names in different cultures, like, the Fish Moon by the coastal tribes, as the fish move upstream to spawn at this time, the Waking Moon, as animals wake from their hibernation after the long winter and the Sprouting Grass Moon, since new grass starts growing now. The Pink moon is considered significant because there are a lot of beliefs associated with it. Since everything around you is new at this time in nature, it heralds the stage for a person for a fresh beginning. This is the time that you can boldly go about making those changes which you were long contemplating about. It is believed that whatever you worked on last month will give you your due this month because the Pink Moon of April 20017 is related to the previous New moon. What makes the Pink moon very special this year is the combined retrogression of Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn a day before its occurrence. The four planet retrogression itself will have significant implications in your life and the compounded impact of this retrogression along with the Pink moon is something worth consulting an astrologer.

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The moon is a feminine energy where the planets in astrology are concerned, and on a Pink moon day its energies are at their peak, hence the name “Pink Moon.” As the moon impacts one's emotions, it impacts our love life too! This year’s Pink moon also comes on the heels of many religious celebrations. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the appearance of the Pink moon. The Jewish Passover and the Hindu Hanuman festival also begin after this Full moon.