The Pet In Your Stars

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Pet In Your Stars

A lot of people invest a significant time in adopting a pet of their choice.  A pet that is your animal counterpart reflects most of the attributes that people associate with you. Such a case becomes a mutual symbiotic relation where both feel loved and cherished. The most important thing to remember is that your pet should match your lifestyle, so that he/she can easily get acclimatized in the new environment. For people who are on the go and active, a pet that can keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle and actually benefit from that is suitable; while the ones who like to kick back and relax should adopt a pet that prefers a sedentary lifestyle and isn’t necessarily lazy but can give a stiff competition to his human companion in terms of an attitude that screams, chill.  Your zodiac reveals a lot about your preferences and personality traits, so here are the different species of animals that make for ideal candidates as pets according to your sign –

Aries – Dogs

They are famous for their activeness and a playful attitude, so a dog is an Aries’ Best Friend in the long run. That’s another thing, dogs have a penchant for runs and with an Arian by their side, the question of slowing down flies out of the window. Both are are ruled by their nature and determined, Aries find their soul mates in impulsive dogs who are quick to chase that cat across the street with a one track mind. 

Taurus – Guinea Pig

An unusual choice for many albeit a popular one, they make for great pets for people who don’t like pets that remain aloof or distant, but in measured doses. You can let them out of their cage once you are home to play with them, and put them back in (with another guinea pig, of course) once they are done stretching their legs. They are social but find their own ways of merriment which is a plus.

Gemini – Parrot

Parrots love to talk and so do their human counterparts. If there is ever a competition for the match made in heaven, they would win it hands down. Power tussles will be on a down-low given that Geminis can teach their pets what to say. Once that’s accomplished, you can chit-chat with your beloved animal and revel in your efforts.

Cancer – Cat

Crabs have the perfect disposition for a feline, they are measured in their affection and appreciation. They have the emotional intelligence to not smother cats with love and are more than willing to let the animal sleep on themselves once the pet demands to purr on their laps. A balance approach with cats is the surest way to create a healthy bond.

Leo - Horse

A Leo loves to remain in the limelight and therefore needs a pet that can hold its own without overshadowing them. A regal and a majestic animal, horses make for the best pet for natives with a vain streak. Their vanity will ensure that their pets are always well-groomed and taken care of, so the high maintenance of horses will align neatly with the attitude of Leos.

Virgo – Fish

Fishes are perfect for people who are always harboring worries and loathe dirt. This sign requires a pet that won’t leave a clutter or chewed shoes or incessant shedding of hair in their wake. Fishes remain in their natural habitat of water, so the worries of a missing pet don’t erupt that often since their aquariums are a safe place. The serenity of their habitat will calm the nerves of Virgo natives.

Libra - Dove

Libras are known to be hopeless romantics aesthetically inclined, so the ultimate symbol of love is an apt pet for their needs. White doves are also emblematic of peace, much like this sign. The beauty of doves will resonate with them and reinstate their belief in the adage of beauty being present all around us, if we only care to look.

Scorpio – Snake

Snakes might be considered a weird choice for many but for the unique and out of the box Scorpios, they would be ideal. Snakes are symbolic of transformation and regrowth, and the chief specialty of the native of this sign is the ability to transform themselves. It looks like a case of a mutual admiration society in the making. The exotic factor attached to snakes will also be appealing to them.

Sagittarius – Turtle

Being the wanderers that they are, they are inclined toward a pet that doesn’t crave and depend on human contact at all. The slow paced temperament of Turtles is highly appreciated by Sagittarians. They prefer animals that can take care of themselves. With their heat filters, they can survive being alone for short stretches of time.

Capricorn – Purebred Anything

That doesn’t really require a description. As long as the animal is pure bred and not much of a hassle, Capricorns are up for it. They are thrifty but have a taste for expensive things.

Aquarius – Stray Animals

The natives of this sign refuse to be tied down with responsibilities, so the addition of a pet to their lifestyle doesn’t figure at all in their scheme of things. The alternative for them is to feed the strays as they are generous and helping toward the ones in need and feeding a stray puppy would warm their souls.

Pisces – Rabbit

This sign is the most emotionally and physically reactive. Their sensitive side would be screaming with joy if they have a furry pet nestling between their legs. A soft and cuddly bunny that appeals to their delicate side will make Pisceans quite happy.