Sade Sati 2019 - The Much feared Sade Sati

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Sade Sati 2019 - The Much feared Sade Sati

Everyone would have gone through a period of time in life, when they felt something terribly wrong with their luck, no matter how hard they try. Though it is true that fortune favors the brave and hardworking, at these difficult junctures of life nothing would seem to work.  If you are going through, or luckily have gone through such a phase in life you might have experienced a phenomenon which is termed ‘Sade Sati’ in Vedic astrology.  Saturn or ‘Shani’ is much feared by all natives who believe in Vedic astrology. The planet is associated with many malefic effects on your horoscope. It takes approximately 30 years of time for Saturn to transit through all the signs of the Zodiac circle. You may taste the wrath of this malicious behemoth the most during those obnoxious 7 and a half years in your life (which can happen twice in a normal life span) starting when Saturn enters the moon sign or ‘Janam Rasi’, just before yours in the zodiac circle. The period ends with the exit of Shani or Saturn from the zodiac sign immediately following the moon sign. Saturn takes roughly 2 and a half years to complete its transit through each zodiac sign.

The effects of Sade Sati would impact almost all major domains of one’s life. A person who is going through Sade Sati would suffer from health, financial, personal and career problem. Our expert astrologers have found that during the tenure of Sade Sati, Saturn’s impacts on one’s life would depend on its course or phase of transit and it would also depend upon different planetary conjunctions which Saturn would come across in one’s horoscope. For instance, the transit of Saturn in the 12th house from moon sign implies problems in domestic affairs such as disagreements and friction in married life and differences between parents and children. Transit of Saturn on the Janam Rashi or your moon sign can bring in bad company, stress, loss of reputation and accidents and transit of Saturn in 2nd house from moon sign causes financial losses, loss of livelihood. However, it does not mean that Sade Sati would always inflict malicious effects. There are some benefic positioning and planetary conjunctions which can bring in some good news for you. For a detailed analysis of Sade Sati and its impact on your life, consult our expert astrologer, click here.

Though Sade Sati does not necessarily affect you adversely, most of the time its effects are found to negative or malicious. Shani Dev is the Deity you need to please if you are suffering from the malicious impacts of Sade Sati. Chanting the revered Hanuman Chalisa is found to be very relieving. The sufferings which you would undergo during this tenure is believed to be due to your bad Karma. So all efforts should be taken towards compensating for your bad karma or negative deeds. Donating to the poor and needy are found to be very effective in reducing the malicious impacts of Sade Sati. However, remedies would depend on each individual and the diagnosis of a person’s horoscope and the planetary positions on it. Consult the best astrologers in India online through to find the best remedies for Sade Sati effects. #GPSforLife