The Moon and your Mood

Astrologers believe that while the planetary positions can affect a person’s qualities and traits, the Moon influences our emotional life. This effect that the moon has on our behaviour and well-being is termed as the 'Lunar Effect’.

The Moon is one of the important planets in our natal chart. It rules our spontaneous reactions and feelings, especially when it is in a Water sign(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Not only astrologers but also a number of researchers and scientists believe in the power of the Moon over our emotions. It is believed that during a full moon, a person’s strongest qualities, whether positive or negative, get enhanced. A Swiss study conducted in 2013, explored the link between moon cycles and sleep patterns and found a significant correlation.

Even ancient philosophers believed that the moon affects human behaviour and health by its gravitational pull on body fluids.

The frequencies that emerge from the Moon are believed to affect the frequencies of our mind. Thus, these frequencies impact our feelings, emotions and even desires. The Full Moon nearest to your birthday is a good time to be more thoughtful, to reflect on what you may consider significant in your life. This could serve as a catalyst for forward advancement in your life.

Full Moons can intensify your feelings. However, depending on your state of mind during the Full Moon, it can either be a good or a bad thing. If you have been feeling happy and relaxed, you will feel blissful. However, if things haven’t been going your way, and if you haven’t had the best week, you may feel at your lowest on the Full Moon day.

During a Full Moon, there is a surge in the energy levels, which each zodiac sign tend to handle differently. This increase in energy can also increase your productivity and creativity levels. Many people believe it to be auspicious to start new projects or buy something new on a Full Moon day.

Because there isn’t much you can do to stop or control a Full Moon, the only thing you can do during one, is be prepared. Being more aware about your qualities and traits, you can learn about how the Full Moon is likely to affect your sign in order to manage yourself better.

Since the moon can, to a large extent, affect your emotions, sleep, and even energy levels, it can indirectly be impacting your work life and your relationships. It is advisable to also be aware of the days of the Full Moons and how they can affect you at work and at home.

The phases of the moon can also impact your sleep patterns, so you can avoid being restless the entire day by trying some of these ideas. You can tackle your full moon fatigue by doing calming yoga, specifically designed to relax and prepare your mind and body for sleep. If that doesn’t work, try taking a power nap in the afternoon. Having some herbal tea after dinner can also relax your body. 


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