The Libran Woman As a Mother

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Libran Woman As a Mother

To understand Libra, begin with their symbol: the balancing scales. The balancing scales is unique among the Zodiac symbols used in horoscopes as Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn, Aries, Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius all depict living things (or at least theoretically living things) while the scales are an inanimate object. As a symbol the scales are very straightforward. Librans seek a balance of elements in their lives and this is one element we must keep in mind when trying to please the Librans in our lives. However, they can let this preference for balance turn into an obsession. Sometimes they may be in danger of swinging rapidly back and forth between extremes in an exhausting attempt to achieve balance. The social network of people who belong to this sign is an often used resource to achieve balance and friends and family will hopefully provide a balance to excesses in the Libra herself or in other areas of her social network. The Libra and her loved ones must also be careful that she isn't overly focused on others in neglect of their own needs and problems.

When trying to please your Libran mom you have to make several evaluations. First and foremost you have to ask yourself whether working to please her will be the most constructive course of action for both yourself and her. It could be that your efforts to please her will simply be an intrusive force to a balance that the Libra has already achieved. The balance of a Libra is delicate and you must take care that you do not send her into a chaotic vibration for your own needs. Similarly you have to understand her nature is to reach out to others to find balance in their own life. While we need to help others when we can, it is possible that other forces in her life are producing overwhelming forces that cannot be balanced by your involvement, and her actions may only drag you down with them.

Second, once you believe that you can have a constructive interaction with your loved one you have to consider your role for the Libra, specifically how you fit into the larger balance they are trying to achieve in their lives through their social connections. Perhaps you are an opposite to some counterpart on the other side of the Libra's balance. Maybe you are the creative whimsical element in the family that provides warmth and fun to balance an analytical and responsible sibling. In this case it is best to understand your role in the balance, how she views that role, and how potential counter-weights in the Libra's balance are moving. Take care in weighing and evaluating all the possibilities, you don't want to move the scale in the wrong direction after all!