The Khan Effect

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Khan Effect

They came, they saw and they conquered. These words perfectly describe the journey of the Khans in the Indian film industry. With their charismatic personality, exemplary dexterity and perpetual devotion, the Khans have become synonymous to a Bollywood blockbuster. For over a decade, they have laughed, screamed and danced their way into the hearts of the Bollywood fans. Even though Shahrukh Khan owns the title of King Khan, Salman Khan’s following and Aamir Khan’s perfectionism justly questions it. Let’s find out which star will burn the brightest and which one will burn out in 2013.

Shahrukh khan: He is the badshah for some, an inspiration for some and just Shahrukh Khan for others. Born on 2nd November, 1965, Shahrukh Khan perfectly demonstrates the fruits that hardwork and fortitude can fetch. His zodiac sign Scorpio makes him intense and extreme. His extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive have helped him attain a position that million will die for. Although he is fiercely independent his family holds utmost importance to him. The beginning of the year is likely to bring some setbacks. Though he will be nominated for a host of awards for his performance in ‘jab tak hai jaan’, he might not be that lucky as far as the count of awards is concerned. His films Chennai Express and Happy New Year will bring him a lot of business and will make him reach new heights. His IPL team Kolkata Knightriders will also do well this season. On a personal front, any issues he was facing in the past will be resolved. He should pay more attention to his health towards the end of the year.

Salman Khan: The nation’s most sought after and beloved hero, born on 27th December 1965, is a perfect mix of wit and style. Being a Capricorn, he may appear to be detached and reserved but once he gets close to someone he can go out of his way for them. His determination and sincerity have been the two biggest tools in his success arsenal. He is aggressive and courageous which allows him to take risks and experiment. 2012 brought him immense success with the record of biggest opening, biggest single day collection, biggest opening weekend collection and biggest opening week collection.2013 will begin with him taking a much deserved break after his success in television with Bigg Boss. This time should be best utilised by him by spending time with himself to plan and explore new avenues. The latter half of the year may prove to be highly rewarding for him with his two big budget films ‘Kick’ and ‘Sher Khan’ due for release. He will continue to rule the big screen. 2013 may also see him introducing his lady love to his fans towards the end.

Aamir Khan: With an unmatchable stardom and credibility, Aamir Khan has redefined perfection and brilliance over and over again. His movies have truly been a gift to Indian cinema and appealed the masses and critics alike.  Being born on 14th March 1965, Aamir Khan is a Pisces and blessed with enormous creativity. His patience and compassion have earned him a lot of respect in the Bollywood circle. He is self driven, profound and intuitive. 2013 will see no surprise in terms of the number of projects he undertakes. He may be seen in limelight in the middle of the year. His domestic life may bring in stress and it is advised that he wears pearl to ward it off. He also needs to guard himself against physical injury. On a professional level, his film P.K. is likely to make history and he will be appreciated for his performance once again.