The Impacts of Mars Progression on 28th August’2018 by Upma Shrivastava

Mon, Aug 27, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 27, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
The Impacts of Mars Progression on 28th August’2018 by Upma Shrivastava

Mars provides us with the energy to take initiatives, to be independent, self-assertive and courageous, this commander in chief of the planets is going to become progressive on 28th August'2018. It will also be in its exaltation sign Capricorn. Here Mars is in benevolent position and will be in conjunction with Ketu, sitting here will strengthen its energy and influence. It will stay in Capricorn sign till 6th November'2018.

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Effects of Mars on twelve signs (based on Moon signs)


Mars the ruler of Aries sign is going to transit from career house; here it is sitting with Ketu and also being influenced by Mercury and Rahu.  It indicates independent, self-sufficient thoughts and actions. Mars is getting directional strength it indicates your efforts will be more action oriented. You will be willing to help others; you may even purchase land or other fixed assets and ornaments. Here take precaution for your health you may get injuries ulcer or wounds. Father's health will need attention. You will bring laurels to family.


Expand and enlarge your present believes and plans, this is the time to do more creative intellectual work than usual. The current transit of Mars is favourable for the business like import-export and e-commerce. It will increase positive, active energies. Fiery Mars will fill you with enthusiasm. Take precaution while travelling there are indications of injuries. Certain circumstances can fetch legal difficulties.


Mars transit will make you encounter someone who will have a powerful influence on you. This may happen through a conflict with the person who is very close to you and it will be because of property or positions. There can be friction regarding properties held jointly by you and a partner. This is usually not a good time to try to obtain a loan. Be aware that lending money may drain the account. Unexpected expenditures will cause mental strain. Care for health is essential.


The nature of Mars is quick tempered, impulsive and impetuous. All these tendencies will be seen in your partner. Aggression from the partner may seem like attacks on your character. At a business place it is it good for getting deals signed but financially it is not very profitable. Keep cool and the outcome will be favourable. This is a time when you should become more creative and use your energies in creative work like presentations and fine arts.


There will be strong feeling to work for self or there will be a feeling of lack of appreciation and credit for your work.  This can lead to conflicts with seniors and in general, it will create difficult situation at the workplace. You will be generous, capable of vanishing enemies and will make good money. Health needs extra care infection, fever and injuries can be the common issues. You need to keep up rigorous physical activity to tame the energy imparted by Mars.


Spending time with friends will keep you cheerful. Avoid doing speculation there are chances of losses. There will be attraction towards opposite gender, love affairs or relationship will give happiness. There will be concerns related to children's education.  It is a favourable time to complete pending legal activities.


Be ready to face difficult situations in the workplace as colleagues may try to block your effort. Whatever proposals you will give there will be one member in a team who will oppose it. There are also chances to have a dispute over land ownership. In this duration, people will find negative meanings for whatever you say and will create issues. Arguments and disagreements are a part of family life so handle it with tact. Money will be spent for maintaining the and servicing your vehicles.


 Your energies will be high and will put more effort to complete work. You will be strongly connected with your ideas and will put them in presentations if anyone disagrees it will become the reason of conflict. Ambitions will be high and you will increase efforts to fulfil them. There will be short travels which will bring opportunities and name and fame too. With intelligence and skills, you will defeat enemies.


Your concentration will be on finance and personal issues. There will be good gains but you will do impulsive spending too. Be aware of the power of speech, there can be confrontations with colleagues or family members. Your speech can become harsh which will be disagreeable to others. You will enjoy doing parties.  Care for health is essential, eyes and stomach upset can keep bothering.


You will be active energetic, will take initiative to start any work. You will be more dominant in all areas of life, will become more courageous and adventurous. You would like to complete work quickly and in haste may take wrong decisions. You will dislike taking the opinion of others. There will be disagreements with your partner. Beneficial time to do investment in fixed assets.


Be watchful hidden enemies will try to defame you, at workplace you are sensitive to get untangle in office politics. Keep patience and listen to others first, at last things will be in your favor. Foreign travel, import- export business will be favorable. Partner will try to dominate and unnecessary frictions will create disharmony. 


Luck and Fortune is in your favor. There will be good financial earnings. It is also good time to get opportunities in business. At workplace, be careful with team members someone whom you will trust can betray you. Your creative skills and ideas can be used by others and credit will not be given to you. Dental pain, digestion  related issues and knee pain can bother. 

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