The Best Hairstyles for Zodiac Signs

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Best Hairstyles for Zodiac Signs

Come summers and people can be seen flocking to hair salons for new hairdos. Yes, it’s time for getting a new hairdo. But if you thought aping that trendy hair cut can make you look great, you probably got it all wrong. It’s not necessary that the "it" haircut will suit you too, but here’s something fascinating for you to give it a try - haircuts based on zodiac signs.

So, is your haircut as per your sun sign? Read on to find out!


Step cut or layers would be the ideal haircut for the Arian lasses. Most women born under this sign have naturally healthy hair and if you happen to be blessed, our advice would be to go experimenting. Of course, you may choose to maintain the length of your hair but you can add flicks to break the monotony. For men born under this sign we suggest a classic army cut.


Since, Taureans are not so comfortable with changes and like to keep it simple; going for a drastic pixie cut or bob is sure to create an impact. However, if you aren’t comfortable with it, it would be best to opt for medium length hair with side bangs to add that required zing. Most Taurus men like to keep their hair long and they do manage them pretty well.


No wonder Gemini men and women look so different all the time; they are forever changing their hair styles. Having long hair would work to your advantage. The hairstyle that will suit you the best would be soft curly hair with highlights. And as far as the men are concerned, they may feel the Mohawk is just right for them.


For the Cancerians there is bad news and good news. Well, the bad news is that most Cancerian men and women do not have the best hair of the zodiac; however they still manage to make their hair look good (Yeah! That’s the good news). The best haircut for the ladies would be medium length hair with a blunt or a U cut.  Keep it simple. A cropped cut or even a shaved head looks good on Cancerian guys.


While it was simple and uncomplicated for the Cancerians, for the Lions and the Lionesses it is just the opposite. Leos, being bold and adventurous should go for something completely different. Being a little over the top would certainly not hurt and in fact will lend sassiness to your personality. Red or blue highlights look great on Leo women and so do chic bobs. A short textured hairstyle would be perfect for the Leo men.


The Virgins are sticklers for perfection so much so that even a strand out of place will send them in agony. Extremely long or extremely short hair should be strictly avoided, try something in between. Shoulder length poker straight hair would work best for you. The men should opt for short hair too.


Libran women are naturally beautiful and they do not need to work too hard to look good. And no matter what, they manage to look so good all the time. Most Libran women have oval faces and medium length hair with side bangs highlight their beautiful features and look great on them. Libran men look their best in a coif.


Scorpion women have many sides to their personality, which is why a hair cut which brings out this particular characteristic would suit them the best. Wavy and hair curled at the tips look good on them. The navy cut would suit scorpion men the most.


Fun loving and adventurous, Sagittarian women look best in a hair cut that is cute and playful. These women have the confidence to carry every hairstyle, from a chic bob to an outrageous punk hair do. With their attitude and confidence, there is no style that they cannot wear. The men like casual hair cuts that are easy to maintain, but shaving the head is not the right choice for them. If you don’t wish to chop your hair, you can even tie them back and look dapper without doing too much.


Since they are thought to be the dullest of the lot, how about a hair cut that is jazzy enough to lay all rumours about them being boring and super dull? An edgy haircut like an asymmetrical bob is perfect for Capricorn women who have high cheekbones and angular jaws. However, if you are someone with a round face, it would be best to avoid it, instead medium length hair with layers would be your best bet. A clean side part look works best for Capricorn men (think Jon Hamm in Mad Men).


Aquarians veer towards the bold style of fashion; however there are some who do not prefer very bold haircuts and like to keep it simple. A sleek bob with side swept bangs or very long hair with multi coloured highlights are perfect for Aquarian women. Aquarian men can rock the straight out of bed look; all that you need is a little styling cream and there you go!


Pisces women never shy away from experimenting with their hair. Also, they do not care about how others will react to their new haircut. The best haircut would be shoulder length hair in nice warm tones. The men of this zodiac sign can opt for shoulder length curly hair.