The Ashtkootas in Kundli Matching

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The Ashtkootas in Kundli Matching

Kundli Milan is an important step before an Indian Marriage because people have immense faith in the ‘Kundli Milan’ ritual of Vedic astrology. Here, Moon's placement plays a very important role. Moon's placement in the horoscope provides the Astrologers with the janam Rashi (Moon Sign) and Nakshatra (Constellation) of the native which are two key aspects in Vedic Astrology. The compatibility analysis is done for eight crucial personality aspects of the bride and groom. These eight aspects are called ‘Ashtkootas’ in Vedic astrology. Each Koota or aspect shown in the Horoscope is given different weight age or points while doing a Kundli matching. These points are known as ‘Guna’ in Vedic astrology. There are a total of 36 Gunas and a couple is found compatible only if they have more than 18 points or Gunas matched after the Kundli matching process. The below mentioned are the Ashtkootas and the Gunas allocate to each of the Koota while doing a Kundli matching.


1.    Varan: (1 Guna)

2.    Vasya: (2 Guna)

3.    Tara: (3 Guna)

4.    Yoni: (4 Guna)

5.    Grah Maitri: (5 Guna)

6.    Gana: (6 Guna)

7.    Bhakoot: (7 Guna)

8.    Nadi: (8 Guna)


AstroYogi’s expert Vedic astrologers explain each of the eight ‘Kootas’ for our readers. Read on.

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This Koota represents the spiritual compatibility of the bride and groom. It checks the ego level and personalities of both of them. Matching of Varna Koota ensures that there is less friction between the couple and if they can get along well. This also pertains to the inherent skills and abilities of a person. Natives are classified into Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra according to their birth chart analysis.


Here the astrologer would be checking the power equation between the couple. This test will provide the astrologer with insights about who would be dominant partner amongst the two. Natives are classified as Manav, Vanchar, Chatuspad, Jalachar and Keet according to their aggression level which is found in the Horoscope.


In this analysis the Janam nakshatra or natives constellation is taken into consideration. This tests the health aspect of the natives, their general wellbeing and longevity. For this analysis, the inter-relationship of the Janam nakshatra are considered. Vedic Astrology rates these inter-relationship as being naturally auspicious or inauspicious.According to this analysis the birth stars are classified as —Janama, Sampat, Vipata, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Vadha, Mitra and Ati-mitra.


This Koota pertains to the sexual inclinations and biological compatibility of the couple. This would provide the astrologer with insights about the level of physical satisfaction which the couple will have in their sex life.

Graha Maitri

For this analysis the ruling planet of Janam rashi (Moon Sign) is taken into consideration. This reflects the mental compatibility, affection and friendship between thecouple after their marriage. It denotes the domestic affairs and the mutual understanding between the couple.


Gana indicates the habits and behaviors of the couple, their mental compatibility and temperaments. This is a vital factor and is given 6 points or gunas which means that the best matched couples will get a maximum of 6 points or Gunas in this analysis. People are classified as Devata, Manushya and Rakshasa for this analysis and a couple will be best match if they both belong to the same classification.


In Bhakut test, the constellation of the couple is taken into consideration. This test is necessary to analyze the family welfare and financial prosperity after marriage. Most compatible couple will get a maximum of 7 points in this analysis.


Here also the janam nakshatra or constellation is taken into consideration. This analysis shows nervous energy of the couple which pertains to physiological and heredity factors. This is also a test to check the genetic compatibility between the couple to produce healthy off springs after marriage.

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