Teddy Day - The Fourth Day of the Valentine Week

Monday, February 10, 2020

The fourth day of Valentine’s week is Teddy Day. This falls on 10th February. A soft, cuddly teddy bear with a cute message attached to it is bound to bring a smile on your sweetheart’s face. While roses have a short-lived life and chocolate boxes will be emptied with time, a teddy bear will keep your loved one company for years, and constantly remind her/him of you. Thus, the Teddy Day has its own significance.


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There are different types of teddy bears available in the market. While most come with a cute little smile, that will make you immediately hug them to your heart, there are others that carry adorable messages on them, the simplest of which will just say, “Hug Me” or “I Love You”. These messages will do the trick if a plain teddy doesn’t. Many teddies come with fun messages that will make your valentine laugh and appreciate your sense of humor. So every time they look at the teddy at their bedside, they will always be reminded of this aspect of your nature.


One of the desirable outcomes of presenting a teddy to your loved one is that they can ‘hold’ it to sleep. The teddy will prove to be very useful whenever your partner misses you. It is a common saying that a hug can express a feeling more than a thousand words can. And being in the arms of your loved one feels like heaven. The teddy will make sure that your beloved feels safe and wanted while hugging it. She may even pour out her little secrets to him.


Whenever she is annoyed with you she may throw the teddy on the ground in frustration, but rest assured that when she sees it smiling back at her without any retaliation, she will pick it up and hug it to her heart and will soon forgive you too. So, get the cutest teddy from the market and be there at her doorstep on Teddy Day to express your undying love for her.


If you want to be enterprising, you can get a personalized teddy. There are lots of online stores that will personalize a teddy with your name, picture, and an intimate message, exclusively for your sweetheart. There are teddies that give flying kisses to your dear one, expressing your desire to do the same.


Although we wish nobody has a broken heart this Valentine week, if you happen to have an altercation with your dear one, Teddy Day will give you a chance to send a lovelorn teddy to express your feelings without saying a word. Get ready for a quick reunion after she/he receives this gift! 


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We hope that a cute, little teddy turns out to be the savior of your sinking relationship. Happy Teddy Day!


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