Taurus - Traits, Strengths and Weaknesses

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Taurus - Traits, Strengths and Weaknesses

It would not be surprising to confirm that individuals born under this sign are the most headstrong individuals on the planet. Apart from being headstrong, Taureans are extremely reliable, ambitious, practical and very sensual people. They have a significant eye for beauty and are very efficient with financial matters. A career as a financial manager would not be surprising with natives of this sign. Taureans have a number of positives and negatives surrounding their behavior patterns which are the following.

Let’s start with the positives. Taureans are willingly available to lend a helping hand to the family, friends and the destitute even if it requires enduring hardships or loss. Hence, they are quite generous. They are also dependable as they will not leave you disappointed in almost any situation. This positive makes them excellent friends and employees. The Taureans are also very down to earth as their reliable and sensible selves are polite and pleasant personalities with decent communication abilities and efforts. Taureans have an extraordinary level of patience, which is a virtue and is possessed by Taureans in abundance. They truly believe in completing the job in the right manner rather than being the first. They are also extremely independent emotionally or financially, they prefer to be independent so as to the fact that they do not need to ask for help when they are faced by dire situations. Being as headstrong as they are naturally, they will put in all efforts to complete a job where failures or setbacks do not affect them at all. Building a better future for a better world is their motto in mind.

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Moving on to the negative traits, Taureans are stubborn to the core. They can be extremely inflexible and head strong which can turn out to be affecting a lot of the other matters. As a matter of fact, it is believed that it would go to an extent that they would not be willing to listen to any of the logical responses or solutions even. They can become very self- indulging individuals and where they are so oriented with their goals that they think that world revolves around them alone. This makes them ignorant and rude. Taureans are also known to be lazy, surprising isn’t it? But they are, while being patient, they turn lazy and particularly when they are commanded to do a particular task. They have to feel motivated to do work and conduct physical strain. Taureans are also a strongly materialistic as they have this really strong tendency that they should appear so and so in front of the society. Possessiveness is one of the major setbacks as a trait for a Taurean. Because of this, taureans tend to lose even the most genuine relationships. The fact that Taurus born individuals take it too far at times and becomes fragile in the the event of savings than the building is because they are just too much of a miser to spend any money.