Taurus Month - Qualities of a Taurean

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Taurus Month - Qualities of a Taurean

Since this is the ‘Taurus season’, learn a little about the second zodiac sign in the Western Zodiac circle. People born between April 20th and May 20th come under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Known primarily for their stubbornness and strong will, the symbol for this zodiac, The Bull, says it all. Bulls get this intense determination and perseverance trait from their element, Earth.

Despite being known for these traits, there are some characteristics that are inborn in Taureans,  that you may not be aware of.

Since the Taurus month has started, let's see what exactly are this zodiac’s traits.

For starters, Taurus is very loyal and committed. They do not take their promises lightly and will do their best to follow through. This loyalty is extended to all their relationships, whether professional or personal. Once you have their allegiance and their partnership, they will most likely support you for life, unless you give them a reason otherwise.

It is because of this trait that this Zodiac Sign gives more importance to the quality of friendships and relationships, rather than focusing on the quantity.

Being dedicated and intimate to a few means more to them than having numerous surface relationships. It is no surprise that their social circle is small.

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Because they have a tendency to be in control of their lives, and their surroundings, some may perceive Taurus to be a bit of a control-freak. However, those who are close to them, know it is more about them being independent and unrestricted by external influencers. When they set a goal, their entire focus is directed at attaining it and by any means necessary. This can also make them a bit inflexible and unrelenting at times. They may seem argumentative, but this is simply because they have a vision of how things must be done a certain way.

Taureans tend to make it big, and this is because they tend to be fiercely determined and know how to hustle! No pain, no gain is their life’s motto. And Taurus zodiac natives will happily pay the price and suffer through the pain if it means getting what they want.

As stubborn as they can be, Taurus also tends to be quite dependable and reliable. They will always be there for their loved ones, and you know you can count on them when times get rough. Whether you are looking for some motivation or some practical solutions, Taurus is just the right person to call. They are quite good at giving advice, and will surely help you find the right answers with their brilliant minds!

To some, Taurus might appear blunt and stern at times. But those who have stayed with them for a significant amount of time know that they are also extremely caring and protective of those they love. They are very sentimental and loving, so much so that they will move mountains when it comes to those they care about the most. It is not an easy task to earn the trust and loyalty of a Taurus. So once you make it to their ‘inner circle’, do not give them a reason to doubt you or your intentions because if you break their trust once, they may not give you another chance.

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