Tarot Horoscope For November 2019 By Poonam Beotra

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Tarot Horoscope For November 2019 By Poonam Beotra

November-a month when the night starts coming early and the dawn comes late; a month when animals work doubly hard to store food for the coming winter. Take a cue from the other animals, if you want to have a great Christmas holiday.

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Raring to take the bull by the horns at your workplace? Good for you! This confidence in yourself will infuse more enthusiasm in your career. If your co-workers find your attitude arrogant or self-serving, it's time you ignored them and just focus on achieving your target. Financially, you still need to be a little careful. If there are any unresolved legal matters, this time make sure your papers are ready. Involve yourself in some cause that you believe in to keep yourself grounded.

If your partner seems to be dominating to you, concentrate on the plus points in the relationship. Time to involve him/her in more fun social gatherings. You may yet discover how strong and colourful your bond can be and how much you love him/her, in spite of the challenges you may be facing in the relationship. 



The universe is allowing you to let your ‘child’ within you come out and ‘play’. At your career front, do tap into your hidden creativity and you will be surprised at how many original and artistic ideas you come up with. Bask in the spotlight focussing on you as you steal the show. Those who are concentrating on their studies will feel inspired to perform better. Businessmen could get new leads or new opportunities to make money. The right time to indulge in charity work to pay back to society in some way.

If you find yourself falling for someone much younger to you, do not be surprised. This love interest will bring a much needed fresh new exuberance in your life. It may turn out to be a great relationship as the wisdom of your age will add stability to it. Others can feel the urge to try something new and exciting with their partners, like travelling to an exotic location.



This month, you should put in that extra effort to tap into your inner potential and push yourself to bring out the best in you. You will be getting lots of opportunities wherein you can ride the wave of success. Your optimism and enthusiasm in any project which you undertake will take you towards your goal easily. Embrace your desires and work towards making them a reality. Looking to start a new career? Now is the time to do it. If you are facing some financial problems, it will soon pass. Ignore the urge to get argumentative about money issues with people around you.

If you bump into a stranger and feel as if you have known him/her forever, this is destiny working to bring two soul-mates together. He /she could be from a completely different place or environment, but you will suddenly feel that the world looks brighter and more beautiful to you!



Any confusion or uncertainty about your career will soon clear and you will be rewarded for your patience and faith in the system. With this new awareness and maybe, change in attitude, you will cross over from struggle to serenity. If your job has not been working for you, do not hesitate to leave it. There is something better waiting for you. With this change, you will see an improvement in your finances too. For some Crabs, a beneficiary may suddenly appear, to help them get their financial status sorted out.

Love is all about emotions, and you as a Water Sign, know what it means to easily drown even in the shallow end of it. Look at your relationship in a positive light. Allow the love to flourish with no prejudice and without being judgemental. If there is a misunderstanding, do not hold a grudge. Instead speak-up and sort out the issue.



If you experienced some rough patches on the road to success in your career, rest assured this is coming to an end now. Things will be under control and you will find your colleagues being more agreeable with your ideas. You always like to lead the pack, and this month under your leadership, the team performance will be appreciated by the others. You will realise and understand that nothing remains the same forever. There will be an improvement in the flow of finances, but before you decide on investing the surplus somewhere, do your research well or take the advice of professionals.

If you think your love relationship is stagnating and there is no excitement in it anymore, give it some serious thought. If your partner too feels that way, both of you should either work on adding some oomph into it or simply moving on. Is the grass looking greener on the other side to you? 



A beautiful month about fairy-tale dreams coming true. This streak of good fortune at your career front is not falling into your lap because of sheer luck. Instead, you are chosen to tap into the flow of Universal abundance because you deserve it. Do not let guilt darken your sense of delight as you reach out to catch the falling star. You can expect an increase in your cash flow. A bonus coming your way? Maybe you will suddenly get profit from some earlier investments which you thought were dead.

Go ahead and cast the magic pebble into the sea and see how magical love can be. You will enjoy romance and togetherness as both you and your lover will be on the same page. Those who always dreamt about a traditional family life with a white picket fence will find blissful contentment in one. Virgos’ who were waiting for the stork, should get the crib ready.



This month, the Universe has given you the power to create magic in your work. You have the tools to bring life and energy to whatever you desire. It is a good time to discover your untapped abilities and use it effectively to transform the mundane into extraordinary. But remember to put this gift to its right use and not be unfair to others. You may not be rolling in money now, but by balancing your finance properly, you will have enough to cover your bills.

It is, of course, nice to not be overtly possessive about a loved one, but being too independent in a relationship can also weaken the commitment towards each other. It is important to enjoy doing things together. If you do not want to do your two-bit for the other, you will realise one day how alone you may end up being. So how about sprinkling some magic dust in your relationship too and ignite the fire of love.



If you are contemplating a new career path, the Universe wants to gently remind you not to aim too high this month. It is not the right time to make some major decisions about your career now. Your ideas are in a delicate state of germinating. It needs nurturing now. Give it time to grow. In fact, it’s a good time to take a little break from work as you may be at risk of spreading yourself too thin. Plan your finances for a longer-term, while the going is good.

You may not be feeling romantically inclined and find that you are making that extra effort to keep your relationship afloat. If you feel you are forcing this upon yourself, be honest with your partner and take a break. This does not mean you end the relationship. It just means you will be back after you are sorted.



In case you go through a storm at your workplace, which leaves you shaken, do not let yourself get emotionally vulnerable. Instead, look for the silver lining and you will get a chance to see clearly what occurred. Move to higher ground and review the experience with compassion and understanding. This could be a major learning experience for you. Financially, you need to balance your spending with your savings. Not the right time to make investments. But some of you could be lucky enough to win a lottery! 

Brace yourself for some sudden revelation about your lover that may leave you devastated. Remember, that the Universe always has a reason for every change. This was to be for your higher good. Now, when you start afresh with a new partner, the relationship will be based on firmer ground. For some of you, who were waiting for reconciliation with an ex, it will finally dawn on you that the relationship had no future.



At your career front, the Goats need to show courage, which is anyway a part of their character. Tap into your inward strength and power while defending your beliefs, without being defensive. Be firm and do not compromise to any situation which you may not agree to. Time to accept the challenge of whatever is thrown your way and you will come away being the winner. You may get new opportunities and ideas to better your finances. Those employed may get a substantial bonus or a promotion at work.

All will be bliss in the world of Cupid. Enjoy stability in all the levels of relationship. There will be passion and joy for those who are committed and the singles could find their soul mates. Do you want to murmur the three little words to your partner? Go right ahead. This is just the time to express your true feelings.



If you are dreaming of starting a new project, this is a great month to nurture the idea. Take guidance from someone who will help you take the right step forward for its sustained growth. Patience is the keyword here. Be creative and give it all your love. Watch it grow steadily. You will be in control of your finances and since you are good at managing your money, the month will bring financial success to you.

Time to contemplate where you are headed in your relationship. Do you want to take it to the next level of commitment? Are you happy in the relationship? Or was it just a dream bubble and you want to give the relationship more time before you introduce your partner to the family? Married, but has it finally dawned on you that you are actually in love with someone else? 



Those who are on the lookout for a new job must keep in mind that while paying bills is important, you basically need a career which is satisfying and which also brings positivity in your life. Your output in any kind of work is the best when you are passionate about it. So, without caring about the paycheck, follow your heart and look for a position that will bring joy to your life. While you need not fret about the cash flow, impulsive expenditures are not advisable this month. Do not get tempted to indulge even in minor violations as the hefty fines can negatively impact your financial growth.

Still unsure about your relationship? Give it some more time. The relationship needs nurturing. Try and be an emotional support to your partner and keep your expectations to the minimum. Keep an open mind and allow the love to grow.


Poonam Beotra

Tarot Reader