Tarot Horoscope For June 2019 By Poonam Beotra

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Tarot Horoscope For June 2019 By Poonam Beotra

Here’s what the stars have in store for all the 12 signs of the zodiac for the month of June 2019. Read on to know about the Tarot forecast for this month. Consult Poonam Beotra now on Astroyogi!


The Universe is gently reminding you repeatedly to change some of your ways of thinking and working and letting go of some habits that are no longer serving you. At the workplace, if you think you are not appreciated enough, maybe you need to consider a change in your job. Your talents may be better appreciated elsewhere. But do choose wisely as this move can have long-term implications.

The same applies to your love life. If you cannot see any growth in your relationship, maybe it is time to move on. But for those who are married, this should be your last resort. You need to read and re-read the first sentence of this forecast every time you want to renege! 

You will find a positive improvement in your health too, the moment there is a change in your mindset.


Did you goof up in some dealings recently? Overspent on stuff you didn't need? June will bring some relief to that feeling of guilt as you may get a raise in your earnings. If you were in some business venture with a partner, you could rake in a handsome profit. This will make you feel secure again and you can now be back to lavishing your partner with love, care, and support. While you make a steady companion to your partner, remember to allow yourself to be more ‘approachable’ too.

If you are single and are still just ‘eyeing’ that person whom you find so interesting, it’s time you spoke your mind.

Move! If you slouch any longer on that couch, your lower back and spine will soon protest! 


If you have been considering the option of a startup, this is a great month to begin. If you are being impulsive or restless to start, a little bit of homework done before you take the leap would be more advisable. If you do your paperwork well, you will be rewarded financially too. You are being watched by the ‘Universe’. Be fair in your dealings and give importance to integrity.

Meanwhile, don’t get so involved in your work that you start taking your love life for granted. Your intuition about feelings would be very strong now. If you think your loved one is glancing slyly at someone else, either get your act together or walk out of the relationship if you are still not married.

Health will be in your favor, so use the energy well.


Are you still making up your mind about starting something new but are apprehensive about the outcome? Are you worried about making a dent in your savings account? Remember nobody ever succeeded by not taking that first step. And so it may be an uncharted path, but if you use the resources intelligently, which are at your disposal; you have a good chance of making things work. Just don’t be foolhardy and throw caution to the winds.

And if your beloved is acting pricey just because you may be low on funds now, then you definitely don't need this ‘baggage’ in your life. Refrain from allowing these tensions to make you go overboard with some kind of substance abuse.


It is time you organize your thoughts in a more careful manner for the various tasks at hand. If you are the boss, nit-picking and being overbearing will not get much work out of your subordinates. In the process of being domineering, do not be magnanimous with your money. Money lent now will be money written off! It also comes with a bonus of losing friendship with that person, and you don't want that! 

You will surprise your partner with your sense of humor and the fact that you can also be ‘silly’ sometimes, capitalize on it. This is not the moment to feel that time is running out for you and you cannot waste it on frivolous matters like love.


Quoting Rumi, “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart” Ask yourself if what you are doing is what you desire to do. If the answer is ``No”, maybe it is time to look for something that will give you emotional satisfaction. You will be comfortable financially and will have enough to share with others.

Taking a little time away from your loved one to introspect on what you expect in your relationship, will do you good too. You could be feeling drained with too many commitments. It is time for you to grow spiritually. You will have cleared your head about quite a few matters when you come back ‘enlightened’.


New opportunities are coming your way this month-whether it is to do with your career or for those who are seeking further education. Work out the pros and cons of it carefully as your finances may be desperately waving a red flag at you. Be prepared for some unexpected expenditures that may crash land at your feet.

Your intuition is strong at this time and you should listen to it before you make any move. It may even be coaxing you to think about the credibility of your ongoing relationship. Is it time to move on? Ask your heart.

The cards suggest having a mineral-rich diet this month. It may sound ridiculous to you, but sometimes clearing up the clutter in the house, does invite ‘feel-good’ factor into one’s life! 


You feel you have been putting your best foot forward at your workplace and yet you cannot see things moving in your favor. It may be your past actions that have led to this point. Are you expecting more than you actually deserve? Take a moment to think about why you are not satisfied.

The rich remain rich because they do not indulge in unnecessary expenditures’. Follow their mantra for a sound bank balance.

Looks like you are being very opinionated with your loved one. While it is great to have someone value your point of view, imposing it on them can sometimes get to be frustrating for them.

Being argumentative can be the cause of unnecessary mental tension for you this month. How about changing your attitude a little to show them your exciting self?


If you are entering an uncharted zone; whether a new job or some change in the department in the previous one; be alert and do not trust everyone blindly. Get to know your colleagues better before you open your heart to them.

Now that your financial situation looks to be stabilizing, you should use some of the money to treat yourself so that you are inspired to keep working hard. Sacrificing your ‘wants’ for the family’s ‘needs’ is mandatory, but indulging once in a while is also understandable.

If you are experiencing some joint pains or other ailments and the prescribed medicine is not giving you relief, it is time to get a second opinion.


By now, your leadership qualities must be a well-known fact at the workplace and this month is right to ask for a raise from your boss. Other Capricorns can show their capability by volunteering to lead a meeting or take on the supervision role for that big project which others do not want to stick their neck into.

If you get a raise in pay, do not blow it up in frivolous things and definitely not in investing in risky investments. Make sure you have enough in your kitty for the rainy days before you ‘play’ with your money.

If you think your relationship is lacking ‘that spark’, maybe it is time to withdraw from it for a little while to understand how to make your partner long for your company more. An unhealthy relationship can trigger stress and even migraine.


Is your work becoming too much for you to handle alone? You will get some respite in work pressure because a friend who understands you, may join you in your business. Likewise, at your workplace, your colleagues will be much more cooperative and take some of the load off your shoulders. Feeling a little relaxed on the work front does not give you the license to go ahead and indulge in swiping your credit card in the malls. If you think that is the best way to ‘buy’ yourself into your loved one's heart, you are wrong. Love should not be based on materialism.

If you stress too much, this month, about what others may have to say about your relationship or way of working, you will just end up with cold feet.


Applying for a job and just not happy with the type of calls you are getting? This month, listen to your inner voice and apply where your intuition asks you to. Even if the job profile looks weird to you, just go ahead and apply. It may just turn out to be the dream job you were looking for.

If you have been pinching pennies lately, you will feel some relief as you could get some new opportunities to make money. Feeling more secure financially, you may want to be a little impulsive in your relationship and either pep it up in some ridiculous manner or even want to elope! 

Be careful about your diet and go pay a visit to your dentist this month.

Poonam Beotra

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