Tarot Forecast 2014 by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Forecast 2014 by Mita Bhan

2014 begins quietly, almost tiptoeing into our lives, promising action, adventure, rewards but only after a bit of a wait. Expect delays, expect to learn patience and expect a lot of wait and watch. Answers may not come readily, but when they do eventually show up, you'll be smiling and a little relieved. Not a year to make great investments or take risks, the cards foretell a year of consolidation instead. Relook your finances, organize your paperwork, make plans and restructure your team. The personal front looks better for many, as a few dreams do get realized and personal goals are reached. All in all, a year to open your mind, break down old patterns of belief , release yourself from habits and welcome some pleasant changes within.


No more sitting on the fence about certain issues. If you've been postponing a decision or procrastinating till now, 2014 will leave you with no choice but to move in a direction. The crossroads will appear before you, and you may choose to relocate, change industries, get married or divorced or alter your lifestyle drastically. Initially you may feel anxious about the tasks life has set before you, but once done you may wish you had done it earlier.

Emotionally, you may find yourself experiencing nostalgia frequently. A school reunion, or a chance to catch up with relatives you haven't met in years will be extremely fulfilling and energizing. You may return motivated and determined to do something of significance in the months ahead, thanks to the love and support of your well-wishers. Singles may find themselves attracted to an older person, wiser in their ways yet so attentive. Married couples can expect to embark on a new cycle in your lives together; a house move, a career shift, etc. will help you forge closer bonds. Try not to be impatient with loved ones; they need your hand to hold.

Financially a year of moderate gains at best the cards urge you to relook your investments and change your spending habits for the days ahead. Business people will benefit from advice, and professionals can expect a year of positive changes that will have a long term impact upon their career.

Health wise, the Tarot indicates a need to be more vigilant about symptoms and nutrition. And in terms of travel, expect minor delays and one rejuvenating break from your daily life.

2014 Advice - Emptiness is sometimes necessary. Restarting means we can choose only what's positive and good for us.

Lucky Colour - White
Lucky Gem - Pearl


Stability is important to Taureans and you may find yourself finding ways to secure yourself professionally, financially and emotionally.  At work you continue to display reliability, honesty and diligence and an increase in income is revealed. Business owners may choose to expand their product line or consider new ventures to add along to their existing profits.

Emotionally there may be moments of sheer drama with some of your loved ones. Friends and family may be a cause of temporary tension but it will be solved with open, frank communications and a forgiving attitude. Singles may rethink their status and many Taureans may choose to enjoy singlehood for longer. And if married, remember to stay open to your spouse's point of view, even if it's hard sometimes. He or she may have the answers to a perplexing problem.

Healthwise all is well for the Taureans, recovery is on the cards for ailments and there may be a need for you to change your diet. Avoid overindulging. And realize how futile it is to worry.

2014  Advice - Do things systematically and slowly. If there's something you're not sure about, don't do it.

Lucky Colour - Plum
Lucky Crystal - Amethyst


Vigilance is the keyword for 2014. Be extra alert for what's going around within you, by way of symptoms and around you. The card of truth reveals a time for you to be even more honest with yourself and your world.  Trust your intuition more as it may save you from a temporarily unpleasant situation regarding another person.

Emotionally, Geminis can expect a year of harmony and peace. You'll find yourself forgiving and even forgetting the people who hurt you. More relaxed and at ease with yourself, expect many moments of laughter, joy and sometimes relief. Singles can expect an engagement and married couples can look forward to a year of easy companionship and peace.

Professionally, Geminis may have to lessen their expectations a little. If in business, there may a little cost cutting ahead. No panic though, but it would be wise to keep your savings secure and consider an alternative plan if something doesn't work out according to plans. Communicating openly and clearly will be the key to success. Recognition may come your way by an award, article or some sort of spotlight on you and your contributions.

Health wise, you will be forced to be patient. A nagging ailment may take its time to heal. Meditation, deep breathing and alternative forms of healing will help you focus and heal gradually but surely.

2014 Advice - The more you give of your time, your possessions and your money, the more you will receive.

Lucky Colour - Green
Lucky Crystal - Green Tourmaline


Expect a year of frequent changes in the months ahead. You may switch jobs frequently, or find that people come and go from your life quickly. Be open minded and remember not to expect too much from others.

2014 also promises a lovely break from your routine. You may choose to holiday in an exotic location, or simply take a sabbatical. Financially a year of moderate gains, if self-employed or in a job, you may start feeling the need to either enhance your skills with study or diversify your product range. Once again, the cards urge you to open your mind, take risks and consider doing the things your heart tells you to.

Married couples may have a year full of domestic expenses to deal with, it could be renovations or investments. Whatever you spend on, remember in the long run it will be worth it. Singles may spend time choosing between partners, not a year for finding Mr/Ms Right, the cards foretell, but definitely a year of variety and adventures.

Health wise, you may need to look at a nagging concern which you won't be able to ignore. Watch your temper and if you're prone to irritability, a conscious relaxation practice should help keep you calm.

Your advice for the year - Remain open-minded and flexible in the face of change. Sticking to old patterns and beliefs will not aid your growth. It's time for change from inside.

Lucky Colour - Turquoise  
Lucky Crystal - Lapiz Lazuli


Fiery Leos may have some truly testing moments in the months ahead that will mould you for future greatness. Challenges may appear not to demotivate you but to strengthen you emotionally, physically and mentally.

In the work front, stay away from petty politics and be careful what you say. A misunderstanding may occur which could lead to unnecessary friction.

Cultivate diplomacy with sensitive family members. Singles may meet many people but not be ready to settle down. A persistent admirer may get his or her way.

Financially something may need relooking. It could be an investment, a salary package, pricing of a product or simply what you're spending on each month.

Be patient this year, remember if your goals are clear and you're giving it all you've got, success will eventually be yours.

Prepare for a lot of compliments in terms of physical health. A new diet or fitness plan shows results and boosts your metabolism and confidence.

2014 Advice - A cool mind is a productive mind.  When plagued with worry distract your mind consciously to a more positive subject.

Lucky Colour - Saffron
Lucky Crystal - Carnelian


A year of learning and growth in all respects for the hardworking Virgo soul. Expect your labour in the past to bring results and appreciation. If you've been thinking of studying again, even if it's part time or elearning, the cards point to a year for great intellectual growth.

Your mind will be even more alert and open to new technologies and ideas. You may even design an innovative product or do something that's no one done before. Careers go smoothly in the months ahead and if looking for a dream job, chances are high of you getting it.

Single Virgos may find love in a fellow student or a coworker. Be completely transparent with your views and your feelings to prevent any doubts later. An old fling may come back for a short while. And if married, a third party may cause a little friction in the home front temporarily.

Health wise, a good year and if you've been thinking of planning a party or a celebration, 2014 may see quite a grand gathering of old friends and family.

2014 Advice - Don't take things so seriously. Learn to relax and let go of what's not working for you and realize if something is meant to happen, it will.

Lucky Colour - Silver
Lucky Crystal - Hematite


Expect an action packed 2014 with a number of sudden events which may change the equation at once. Relationships may go through temporary bouts of turbulence. And many changes are revealed in the professional and financial front.

Achieving balance and moderation comes naturally to Librans, and in the months ahead you may find yourself juggling from one extreme to another. If there's an increase in income, there could be a large expense soon after. Stay flexible and prepare an alternative plan.

A troublemaker in the family may cause unnecessary tension among people and may need a stern word. Singles may find themselves drifting or not able to commit quickly. If you're not ready for marriage then delays would be beneficial. Married Librans may have their share of differences but also some real joys up ahead. Children will make you proud. And a dream starts to take shape.

Health wise a good year, recovery is indicated if you've been ailing for a while. Your key to peace would lie in the card of communication.

2014 Advice - Don't bottle up feelings and share more with those who truly love you.

Lucky Colour - Grey
Lucky Crystal - Labradorite


2014 shows success for the hardworking Scorpio. Reward, recognition, the promise of financial security, positions of leadership surround you in towards the middle of the year. A change in job or career may re-ignite your passion for winning, or a presentation could leave you feeling fulfilled and victorious.

Mentally alert and streetsmart, you may take advantage of a few opportunities and come up on top. Singles may enjoy a year of finding the one they've been waiting for. Married couples may rediscover the joy of companionship again.

Overall a satisfying year, the only areas of caution include your health  which may need to be monitored. Avoid addictions and don't assume symptoms are going to disappear. Timely medical visits should help you maintain your vigor.

You may find yourself drawn to spiritual writings or a philosophy that makes sense to your soul. Meditative practices and alternative healing will bring a lot of inner peace.

2014 - When the student is ready, the Master appears.

Lucky Colour - White
Lucky Crystal - Diamond


A new chapter unfolds for Sagittarians. Something comes to an end and something begins. You may relocate, change jobs, decide to get married or dissolve a partnership. Whatever happens may cause initial stress but eventually, everything will work out in your favour.

Financially things appear stable, and if in business, you may think about hiring new people to help you accomplish your goals. Buying or selling property is also favoured in the months ahead and you may find your original plan has changed quite a bit.

Family continues to be supportive and a source of tremendous love and security. The health of a relative may be cause for concern but things should settle down by the end of the year.

Your only advice is not to take things or people for granted. Stay in touch with those who have helped you and an attitude of gratitude will take you far. Healthwise, you may need to be careful mid-year but with proper treatment, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

2014 - Making a choice to change your life can happen in a second.

Lucky Colour - Peach
Lucky Crystal - Moonstone


Solidity, stability and security are your key words this year. Financial growth, a sense of achievement and a feeling that you are on the right track will propel you towards greater gains and glory.

At work you may enjoy greater power and responsibility and if in business, 2014 shows an upward swing for profits. Students also benefit from the year's energies. The only advice the cards give is to be clear and focused about what you want.

Family matters and the home may get stressful at times. People may act unreasonable or make demands on you a little too frequently. Time to set boundaries and decide how much you can and cannot do for others.

Healthwise, things appear stable. If you were planning to travel this year promises a number of opportunities. You may also take up a cause or get involved in some charitable acitivity or educational efforts for the needy and should find a lot of peace and purpose in it.

2014 Advice - Remember to give yourself some quiet time to reflect and review your day.

Lucky Colour - Sky Blue
Lucky Crystal - Blue Lace Agate


You can breathe a sigh of relief in 2014. Something finally comes to an end, and a new beginning is clear and so near.

Family matters may take up a lot of your mind space, especially concerning an older woman. Professionally a new direction may open up for you. It could be a new career, industry or even a start-up. Whatever you do, will bring rewards in the long run.

Be a little careful of who you trust though and take extra care of your belongings. A new investment proves lucky, and if you were planning to travel, expect short frequent trips.

Financially a new avenue for earning income opens up, and if in business, you may choose to diversify and expand into new areas. A year that points towards greater growth and earnings. Your decisions in the past will yield return.

Take time out for yourself this year. Instead of giving all the time, how about learning to ask for help and assistance when you need it? A visit to a spiritual or religious place may bring a sense of peace and joy.

2014 Advice - If someone leaves you exhausted with their company, why are you still meeting them?

Lucky Colours - Pink
Lucky Crystal - Rhodochrosite


The cards foretell great inner growth for Piscean souls. Experiences and relationships leave you wiser and unwilling to repeat mistakes. You may learn some valuable life lessons and be grateful you trusted your gut instincts.

Socially you may prefer to avoid each and every gathering and be very selective about who you're with and how often you're not. Personally you may find yourself drifting towards a hobby or a talent within, which you'd like to cultivate.

Be patient in the workfront or with your new business. Ideas may take time to execute and clients may take time to respond. Doesn't mean it's a failure, it just means time to hang in there.

Expect to travel at a minute's notice and look forward to a memorable break that you will always treasure. Health appears pretty good and a new fitness regime won't hurt either.

2014 - Whatever you're afraid of, is not going to happen.

Lucky Colour - Light Blue
Lucky Crystal - Aquamarine