Tarot Cards: 4 of Cups

bell icon Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Cards: 4 of Cups -

What does it mean when the 4 of cups tarot card appears in your reading? Is the appearance of this Minor Arcana card a good omen? Read on to find out

When the card is upright:

The 4 of cups in its upright position indicate dissatisfaction and long periods of inactivity. Nothing seems too exciting at this time to you. Your desire for engagement will be profound but without any real success. You may also lack motivation and find it hard to run errands and do your daily chores. The upright position of this card also indicates a new ambition. You will think of ways in which you can channelise your creative energy and drive lethargy away. You will want to indulge in yourself during this time and may even go on some shopping sprees, which may go way over budget. You may even get bored of your love relationship and may feel that it lacks passion and excitement. This is the time when you will find yourself reevaluating many aspects of your life. You may also dwell a bit too much on past events and other failed relationships.

When the card is reversed:

The reversed position of this card indicates health problems due to overindulgence. When this card appears in your reading you need to prepare yourself to avoid anything in excess. There are increased chances of your becoming obese at this time. Your health may suffer due to your poor eating habits. This card also symbolizes dissatisfaction with material things and success. No matter how much you try you may find it hard to get over your problems. This is not the time when you should be thinking about quitting your job. You will be in the mood to make enormous changes in your life. These changes may however fail to bring you satisfaction. When this card appears in the reversed position you can expect to see an increase in the number of problems in your life. You may have to deal with some new anxieties, which are a result of all the rapid changes in your lifestyle.