Tan-Man’s Love - Fake or Real?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Tan-Man’s Love - Fake or Real?

Bigg Boss's infamous pair Armaan and Tanishaa, popularly called Tan-man by viewers have suddenly become the most talked about couple after lovebirds Gauahar and Kushal. Rumours and news stories about Tan-man getting "caught naked" have made these two contestants of Bigg Boss: Season 7 the talk of town. Do they care about the cameras? Are they concerned about what their families and friends will think? Let's hazard a guess - they don't! They have been participants of the famous reality show Bigg Boss for almost two months now and have maintained a relatively low profile about their relationship status. Post this episode, the viewers are pretty sure that love has finally blossomed in their paradise and they have thrown caution to the winds, as far as public displays of affection are concerned. Tanishaa was referred to as the 'servant' by Aijaz and others have also stressed upon the fact that Tanishaa is controlled by Armaan and doesn't have a mind of her own. Are the accusations true or is it love that's making Tanishaa follow Armaan blindly? Let's take a closer look at this love-story inside the house and how they will fare in the real world!

Armaan is known for his aggressive streak in the show and everybody, both inside as well as outside the Bigg Boss house are aware of it. On the other hand, Tanishaa is calmer in comparison. This love story began with Armaan's entry into Jannat. Tanishaa always stood by his side, during good times and bad, and this clearly depicted how important he is to her. Armaan has been controversial in the past too due to his violent nature and the assertion that he is already "engaged". A local channel has claimed that he was even involved in a casting couch scandal and is accused of thrashing his ex-flame. However, the chemistry between the two as depicted in the show gives a completely different picture on national television.

The common factor that brings these two lovebirds closer could be their fairly short and unsuccessful career in bollywood! If we do an astro analysis of this couple, it is observed that this is the rare union of Aries man and Capricorn woman. Armaan is an Aries born on 23rd March, 1968 and Tanishaa, a Capricorn born on 1st January, 1978. The love compatibility report indicates towards a challenging relationship, which can move forward only if it is based on mutual respect and love - an aspect that Armaan clearly needs to work on.

This relationship between Fire and Earth has both the probabilities of bursting into flames or creating an amazing chemistry. The phrase "unlike charges attract" perfectly suits their case.  Since both of them are stubborn in their own way, it is very important that they communicate to resolve their fights. On Tanishaa's part, she should not give space to insecurities or make Armaan feel inferior, this is a prerequisite for this relationship to survive. Otherwise the hot-headed Armaan can explode anytime! It is very important to handle the immature and loud Aries man (Armaan) wisely, as he is known to be demanding and self-centered.

Both Armaan and Tanishaa complement all the traits of their respective sun signs and this makes the relationship difficult. Numerologically too, the lucky number 1(Tanishaa) and number 5(Armaan) need to resolve minor conflicts to make their relationship work. There is a high possibility that any negligence on number 1's part can result in number 5 going astray. Though the compatibility of this pair is difficult, yet it is not impossible. Whether all this is just a way of getting into limelight or true love, we will come to know after the show gets over. However, they have definitely caught the attention of viewers. What is inside need not be the same outside after all!