Sun Transit in Scorpio 2022: Will It Boost Your Luck? Know Here!

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Sun Transit in Scorpio 2022: Will It Boost Your Luck? Know Here!

According to Vedic astrology, a planet's movement or transit from one zodiac sign to another can impact the aspects of your life immensely. The Sun transit in Scorpio 2022 will be no different! Continue reading here to know how the Sun transit in Scorpio, set to occur on 16th November 2022, will impact your life.

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The Sun transit in Scorpio from Libra is set to occur! It is happening on 16th November 2022 at 7:28 p.m. (IST) and will go on till 16th December 2022 at 10:11 a.m. (IST), after which the Sun will transit or move to Sagittarius. The planet Sun or Surya takes one month to transit from one Rashi (zodiac sign) to another, and this Gochar or transit is believed to be extremely important.

According to Vedic astrology, Sun or Surya is the Karaka or significator of leadership qualities, your father, your Atman or soul, and health. When it comes to the transit chart analysis, in order to study the Gochar or transit impacts on various zodiac signs, the Ascendant of the transit horoscope, where the Moon is placed in the natal chart, is considered.

Since the Sun transit is happening in Scorpio, the Chandrama (Moon) is placed in the 3rd Bhava (house) in Leo. The Moon is 00:14 degrees and in the Magha Nakshatra. The Sun, transiting in Scorpio, is in conjunction with Mercury and Venus. Venus is 06:14 degrees in the Anuradha Nakshatra, and Mercury is 04:36 degrees in Anuradha. The Sun is transiting at 00:00 degrees in Vishakha.

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Now, let's get to know what the impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio will be on the 12 zodiac signs

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Aries

The Sun will rule the 5th house, and this will be a favorable transit for you for sure. You can invest in the Stock Market and other investment options after doing proper research. This transit will give you money from investments, leading to wealth accumulation. You might also try other financial investment options, like mutual funds, crypto, etc., after discussing them with your investment consultant. This transit will also make you more creative and romantic.

Remedy- Do charity on Sundays. Sunday is the day of Surya (Sun); hence any charity done on this day can make your Sun stronger.  

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Taurus

The Sun will control the 4th house. Hence, it will impact your luxuries, properties, vehicles, and your mother. You might be contemplating buying or selling some properties during this time. There are chances that you might also upgrade your vehicle. However, the health of your mother can cause you great concern and some stress. So it will be better to proactively take care of her and avoid anything that can trigger it in the first place, as precautions are better than cure.

Remedy- Do Surya Namaskar. Make sure you do as many cycles of Surya Namaskar as you can daily. It will ensure physical strength and will also strengthen your Sun. 

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Gemini

The Sun will rule the 3rd Bhava (house) for the Geminis. Therefore, the Sun transit in Scorpio will impact your social life, your siblings, and a few other things in your life. Your siblings might demand more attention from your end, and you might suddenly see your expenditure overshooting. You will be active in your social circles, and you will also be networking with many new faces.

Remedy- Place the Surya Yantra in your room. It's a Yantra or a device to strengthen your Sun. 

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Cancer

The Sun will impact the 2nd house for the Cancerians. This is why it is strongly advised that Cancerians should think before they speak. Avoid impulsive reactions or heated arguments, and think twice before you speak, as damage control might not be possible in every situation. If you do not follow this, you might end up rubbing people the wrong way.

Remedy- Chant the Surya Mantra 108 times every day. Chanting any Mantra is extremely powerful and has the ability to heal your Karma as well. The Surya Beej Mantra is "Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah!"  

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Leo

The Sun will impact the 1st house for the Leos. It will help them introspect, think, and implement healthy lifestyle changes so that they can keep themselves fit. This could be physical exercises, wardrobe changes, a new hairstyle, or anything else that directly impacts your body. You will be making healthy choices regarding what to eat and what not to consume, amongst many other things.

Remedy- Offer water to the Sun every morning. Jal Ark, or offering water to the Sun, is believed to be exceptionally pious, and you can add some rice, sugar, flowers, jaggery, etc., to the water before offering it to the Sun.

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Virgo

The Sun will hit the 12th house for Virgos; therefore, this might impact work, especially if it involves working with foreign clients. There might be some separation or isolation as well. Overall this will not be a positive transit for Virgos; it will be towards the inauspicious side. However, doing the remedy mentioned below can help.

Remedy- Donate wheat to the less fortunate people. This will not only help someone fill their stomach but also please Surya or Sun. 

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Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Libra

The Sun will impact the 11th house of the Librans, and this will make them very active and attractive amongst their friends and social circle. The Libran will turn into a social butterfly and connect with many people. However, they should avoid any arguments with family and friends, even if it means exiting the situation at that moment. You will not enjoy winning the argument but losing the person; hence, it's better to avoid disputes.

Remedy- Place a picture of Surya Dev or Lord Sun with his seven horses in your room. It should be best placed on the wall behind your work desk to give you support and protection while working. This would mean that the powerful deity is always behind you and will not let you fall.

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Scorpio

The Sun will control the 10th house for Scorpios, and this will be quite favorable for them. You might get some good news at work during this time. This particular Sun transit in Scorpio will make you professionally stronger. If any of your work regarding dealings with government or senior officials was stuck, then it will get taken care of during this time.

Remedy- Donate jaggery, preferably on Sundays. The Sun will get stronger due to this remedy.

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Sagittarius

The Sun will impact the 9th house for the Sagittarians. This means that luck and destiny will be yours! You will become lucky, and your destiny will favor you wherever you go. So this will be the best time to deal with unfinished tasks or things you want to change or transform. You will be able to achieve everything seamlessly.

Remedy- Chant the Ram Raksha Stotra. This praises Lord Rama and will provide you protection.

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Capricorn

The Sun will rule the 8th house for the Capricorns. This strongly means that you need to watch out for any illness, sudden loss, abrupt tragedy, etc., as the 8th house is the Karaka for all these. The good news is that the Capricorns who are involved in any research fields or associated with the occult sciences will have a golden period as the Sun transit in Scorpio will benefit them. So, this is an excellent time to take your meditations and Sadhanas to another level.

Remedy- Chant the Aditya Hridaya Stotra. Aditya is known to be Surya Dev or Lord Sun, and this Stotra was sung by the great Sage Agastya to Lord Rama on the battlefield just before fighting Ravana. Chanting this Stotra activates and strengthens your Sun and helps defeat your enemies. 

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Aquarius

The Sun will be impacting the 7th house for the Aquarians. This signifies marriage and business partnership. So single people looking to tie the knot must intensify their search, as this will increase their probability of getting married. Moreover, your personal natal chart also has to support marriage, and there must be Yogas of marriage in your chart.

Remedy- You must fast on Sundays. This will not only purify all your systems but also please the Sun, as Sunday is the day dedicated to Lord Sun.

Impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio on Pisces

For Pisceans, the Sun will impact the 6th house, which is associated with hidden enemies and court cases. This means that the Pisceans who have been stuck in some court cases will have a strong chance of winning as the Sun transit in Scorpio will benefit them. You are advised to take care of your health as this house is related to health issues. 

Remedy- Do charity on Sundays. Doing charity will heal you and your Karma. Always remember that charity must be done selflessly.

The above-mentioned predictions, as per the Parashar astrology, will offer you all the necessary guidance on conducting yourself during the Sun transit in Scorpio 2022 period for your betterment. The advised remedies will give you the strength and wisdom needed to handle the situations and take them in your stride.

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