Sun Transit in Capricorn on 14 January 2021

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Sun Transit in Capricorn on 14 January 2021

From 14th January 2021 Thursday till 12th February Friday, the planet Sun will change its position from Sagittarius to Capricorn. From morning 8:29 am, Sun with shravana nakshatra will enter from Sagittarius to Capricorn. 

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Now let's see what changes will come in all the sun signs.

1. Aries :- Sun's transit for Aries will be good for job and business work. Give time in your family, work stress or workload can create differences between family members. Make a balance between work and family.

2. Taurus :- Sun's transit for Taurus is suitable for those facing blockage at work. Your expenses may increase your own lifestyle. If you work patiently, things will be favorable for you, and you will get good growth.

3. Gemini :- Sun's transit for Gemini can give you mental stress due to many expenses and control your expenses. Patiently cross this period and don't go for any new deals in your work it can give you loss.

4. Cancer :- Sun's transit for Cancer will be a period with ups and downs. But it will be favorable for those who are in the job sectors. Those who are in business sectors, please think and do your work otherwise it can give you losses.

5. Leo :- Sun's transit for Leo will be very beneficial for you. For those preparing for any government and competitive exams, this period will be favorable for them. This period will also be favorable for those who are doing business.

6. Virgo :- Sun's transit for Virgo will be stressful for those who are doing jobs, this period will show many ups and downs, and it can also affect your health. In this period, take care of your health. Be aware of working in your job.

7. Libra :- Sun's transit for Libra will be very beneficial in relation to money. For both the job and business sector, there will be profits. Those who are doing jobs they may get increment and doing business may bring new opportunities. There will be a good environment in the family.

8. Scorpio :- Sun's transit for Scorpio will be lucky for you in all aspects. Who all are searching for a job or waiting for job interview results they will get a job. For those who are thinking of starting their new business, this period will be favorable for them. This period will give you a lot of success.

9. Sagittarius :- Sun's transit for Sagittarius will create Dhan Yog for you. It will be multiple income sources for you. This period will be favorable for those who want to start one or two businesses. For those who are doing jobs, this period will be with ups and downs them. Don't fight unnecessarily with anyone.

10. Capricorn :- Sun's transit for Capricorn can create health issues for you, be aware and take care of your health. This period will be favorable for your professional life. It will be beneficial, and you may get an increment.

11. Aquarius :- Sun's transit for Aquarius will be full of ups and downs for you. Take your decision wisely. Don't take any risk. You may get losses, so think about it. Money related will be fine for you. Because of mental stress, it can create disturbance in the family, so patiently handle all your things.

12. Pisces :- Sun's transit for Pisces will be full of gaining or favorable period for you. It will be very good in all aspects like family, health, job or business it will be very good. You will feel energetic because things will be full of joy and happiness.


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