Impact of the Sun in different Houses

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Impact of the Sun in different Houses

Placed alongside friendly planet Jupiter, a beneficial placement of the Sun in the Fifth House can indicate prosperity, and creativity in the native. The native may show interest and talent for performing arts like music, dance, acting or singing. The Sun’s positive position in this House can ensure romance in the native’s life. 


However, an inauspicious placement can cause problems with pregnancy and children.  


Sun in 6th House-

Sun in the Sixth House is favourable for the native’s career. Good placement of the Sun results in the native being committed to their work, being disciplined and confident, and in turn, will have a successful work life. However, being committed to the work, they may expect the same from others, which could make it difficult for them to connect with others or work well in teams.


Sun in 7th House-

Astrologers believe that Sun in this House tends to be unfavourable. Sun in the Seventh House affects relationships and partnerships. While on the one hand, Sun in this house gives the native good health, and the confidence and ability to deal with problems in life, on the other hand, it can also result in unhappiness and marital problems. Since it boosts the native’s confidence, it can also make him arrogant and self-absorbed, making it difficult for him to bond with others. 


Sun in 8th House-

In the Eighth House, Sun can give rise to mixed signs for the native. Good placement of the Sun increases the longevity and can help the native become popular and intellectual. Favourable Sun helps to make the native good at handling crisis situations and conflicting information. 

Sun encourages the individual to explore life and try to understand how our mind actually operates. Such individuals can easily bond with others, and also help guide them in life.