Suddenly falling out of love? Here is the reason why!

Thu, Feb 20, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Feb 20, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Suddenly falling out of love? Here is the reason why!

Today walking down the road right outside my house, it feels different! Even though I have been taking this road to the office for the past 20 years, it seems different now. Surely, the word 'change' showed its power. In my case, unfortunately, it was in context to Love! I am not someone who is very fond of changes but believe me, sometimes this stubborn reality of life called ‘change’ occurs uninvited and even without knocking and rocks your life. 

For me, this change was suddenly falling out of love! After being in a relationship for the past 10 years, walking down the aisle happily with the partner of my choice, I did not feel I loved this person anymore! The transition from madly falling in love to I am not in love anymore had eaten me up completely! 

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But today I feel it never happened! My relationship is much better and there is no place for any such feeling to creep in. A found help to overcome this painful phase of life! 


I just had to fix the 5th and 7th house! 

To fall out of love is one of the unsaid emotions which affects a lot of people of this generation. There are some who do not even understand and let it ruin the rest of their life and relationship. Unaware of this side of you, your partner ends up blaming themselves for any shortcomings. This leads to divorce, break-up and even major losses.


What exactly is falling out of love? 

It is the slow and steady evacuation of love and any such emotion towards your partner. It is realised when suddenly due to some reason you are hit by the reality that the feeling is over and the person does not mean anything to you anymore. It brings with itself an emotional turmoil which often leads to depression! 


For most common reasons, it can be due to trivial issues, tiffs or problems as a couple or falling in love with someone else. Rest of the time, it is unknown! It might blow your mind on reading that the effect of planets and their malefic nature is also one of the biggest reasons! 


My friend? Yes, it is Astrology! The guiding light! 

Frankly, even though I have less knowledge about Astrology, it did change my life! A lot of people dismiss the concept of astrology, as a study of assumption but looking at its strong history, results and its presence I took a chance! 

I was not cheating on my partner but I still felt completely out of love! I had no clue why? So, at my friends’ suggestions, I thought of giving it a try. She just asked me to talk to an astrologer normally just like a friend and puke out all my feelings irrespective of how weird they were. 


 Initially, I took it as a joke and did not pay much heed! But eventually, I understood its power! Astrology functions according to the movement of planets in various houses and studies the effect and impact of the same, on one’s life and other aspects like career, finance, family, money and love. 


Confused? Astrology has the answers! 

The expert astrologer studies your birth chart first. Amongst the 12 houses which represent the various aspects of life, the 5th house is considered as the primary house of Love and the 7th house represents all about a life partner.


The astrologer goes deep down the root cause of the problem and then intervenes the role of planets in it. In astrology, the planets are moving constantly. They have a specific nature & behaviour which they smear on each house and sign they travel in and out. The astrologer foresees the role of planets in the future according to your Karmic report card. 


The astrologer then guides, suggests and provides necessary assistance to help you overcome this problem. Looking at the adversity of the situation, he will get down to pacify the malefic planets. He will opt for measures to cut down their ill-effect in your life and boost the power of benefic planets to elevate positivity. So that you can retreat to enjoy falling in love again. 


Try, try, try! 

It might seem like a complex option right now! But once you actually take astrological help, you will get a fair idea of what I am talking about. A mirror to your emotional side of life! Anyways, since you have tried every other thing then there is no harm in trying once! 


Do not ignore a helping hand moving towards you! You never know Astrology might be the reason to fix all the mess in life! All the best! 

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