Strongest Cards In Tarot

While many cards in a standard 78 card tarot deck, are symbolic of strength and courage, there are some cards that can be considered to be typically strong. In a Rider-Waite deck, some of them are-


Six Of Swords

The card depicts a figure rowing a boat with two passengers out of the choppy waters into a calmer zone. The card is symbolic of escaping difficulties and looking beyond the current pain by moving to a better space. It urges you to be strong enough to leave the painful past behind.


Seven Of Wands

This card shows a figure fighting all alone and when associated with number 7 in the Major Arcana; The Chariot; it indicates a victory. But to achieve that victory, to pursue your dream, you need strength to ward off the opposition. It’s only the strong who will be willing to face the unforeseen hurdles in the path ahead.


Eight Of Cups

The card shows a man leaving behind (Not deserting) his current situation and going into a cave. It takes great strength to emotionally withdraw from a current course, in order to seek the next best step for yourself as the need of the hour is to tend for yourself. It is a card of sacrifice and any kind of sacrifice needs strength. 


Nine Of Wands

The card shows a wounded man who seems to be willing to continue fighting all alone against all odds. He is not ready to give up yet. The card is a symbol of strength and this is the time for you to exercise tremendous physical and mental discipline. Be ready to face a challenge and face the future unafraid.


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The Kings and Their Queens

All of them, even the Kings and Queens of Cups, exude strength and courage in their own respective ’department’. The King and Queen of Cups may appear to be gentle and loving, but they have an inner emotional strength and courage of their own, which is seen clearly in the face of disaster.



As the name suggests, the card shows a stoic, ruler sitting on a throne adorned with Ram's heads, in a barren land(Unlike his complement, The Empress). He represents power born of integrity, strength, and authority without conceit. This fearless and visionary person, defines leadership, not with an intent of victory but to redress the suffering of a comrade.


The Chariot

As the name suggests, this card shows a chariot that stands at rest and yet exists to move. The number 7 of the card, tempts you to follow your dream having won over hardship to attain it. The card talks about overcoming contradictions, having control over your emotions, staying balanced and being focussed in order to move forward mentally or physically.



The card shows a woman seemingly ‘closing’ the mouth of a lion. While one may think she is physically doing it and so the card is called ‘Strength’, it is actually all about mental strength. The card is about conquering your own inner ‘beasts’, which include negative, self-defeating or addictive thoughts, with spiritual insight, faith, love, and courage. #GPSforLife


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