Stars May Hold The Key To Her Heart

Wed, Apr 12, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Apr 12, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Stars May Hold The Key To Her Heart

Women will forever be an enigma for men - a complex entity of varied moods, emotions, thoughts and actions. You can just accept her as it is or struggle desperately to understand her next move.

If you are in love, it would be easier for you, if you took some clues from her Sun sign and got to know her better. It would also make you a more understanding partner.

If you are dating an Aries, remember that she only looks tough from outside. So don’t get nervous. She will expect you to be confident and secure in your job and family. Give her slack and allow her to pursue her own interest as she is a smart girl. If you push her in a corner, she will protest.

If you are in love with a Taurus, keep in mind that she can be ‘bullish’ sometimes. She loves the finer aspects that life has to offer, so don’t forget to woo her with chocolates and flowers and a fine-dine, off and on.

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Your Gemini girl may confuse you with her twin nature. She is looking for her man to understand this. While she enjoys her freedom, she is also looking for security. She may be doing frivolous activities according to you, but she is serious deep down at the same time. Since she has a fantastic sense of humor, you may think she is flirty. But if she loves you, be assured of her commitment.

The Cancer girl will be displaying myriad moods to you and keeping you confused on how to handle her. Her extremely sensitive nature can keep you on your toes. Remember she loves her family and friends and it’s important to her that you like them too. She may appear a little shy to you at first, but that’s her cautious Cancer’s nature. Once she trusts you, you may even find her clingy. That’s the way she cares and loves. You must reassure her of your love every once in a while. Say the 3 magic words often to her.

If you are in love with a Leo, remember to woo her with the best. She loves attention. Since she herself is so full of energy and warmth, you must yourself be prepared to be outgoing and have a pleasing personality. Love her, respect her and never neglect her.

If you have fallen for a Virgo girl, don’t push her into submission. She will be shy so it’s finally up to you to make the first move. Learn to be gentle with her and don’t spring surprises. She will like it if you talk intelligent to her but don’t expect her to agree with all you say.

If you are in love with the beautiful Libra, remember to take her to fancy places while dating. Do remember to be well-groomed and well-dressed. Radiate confidence and ooze your charm. Hold an intelligent conversation with her and encourage her to share her thoughts. She likes the foreplay, so go slow there.

If your girl is a Scorpio, don’t crowd her. She will take her time to commit, don’t fret. Listen to her when she speaks. If she looks secretive to you, respect it. Never ever betray her because you will be out of her life before you can give any explanation. She likes class, so please show elegant dress sense and behavior when you are with her.

If you love a Sagittarius, I hope you are adventurous and fun-loving. If she feels strongly about something she may go all the way to prove that point. Do learn to give in at times like this. Don’t try and control her. Do you find her only looking for a friend in you? Stay focused. Because she’ll look for a friend in you before she settles as your partner.

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If you are finding your Capricorn girl too strong headed, remember that they aim to reach high. They are single-minded and independent and will be impressed by you if you are successful in life. She knows the importance of money, so please show that you are a focused man. Don’t be frivolous with her. She will be happy with you if you have a sense of humor.

If you are confused about your Aquarius girl friend, not getting physical with you easily, it’s because she would rather connect with you mentally. She likes her gizmos, so you can talk to her about the latest in the market. She likes her freedom, so allow her to be. If you are annoyed about something, talk openly to her but don’t be mean and gossipy with her.

If you are in love with a Piscean woman, show that you care. Since she’s such a delicate person herself, you can show your virile, masculine responsible self to her and she’ll swoon in your embrace. To a Piscean, romance and love is very important, so get your act together and sweep her off her feet with long drives and gifts.    

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