Sonakshi`s a Gemini

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Sonakshi`s a Gemini

Sonakshi Sinha was born on June 2, 1987 and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Her career started on a successful note with the box office blockbuster 'Dabangg' opposite Salman Khan. Sonakshi has been a part of many hit movies and her recent movie 'Lootera' was both a critical and a commercial success. Her performance in the film was widely appreciated and she has firmly established herself as a favourite. Bollywood actresses are vying for the top spot, so how hard will it be for Sonakshi to see off the competition? It wouldn't be too hard, if she continues to work hard and remain disciplined in her career. She has been focused and determined and that's helping her move forward and land important projects. predicts what the year ahead has in store for Sonakshi, born under the twin sign of Gemini. Astrologically, Sonakshi will love to express and communicate. All Gemini women do. She's chatty and intelligent. Any guy with intellect and a good sense of humour will attract Sonakshi.  As an individual, she's different and anyone who spends time with her will admit she's not run-of-the-mill. She has many interests and there are times when she'll find it difficult to focus on one thing. She'll be good with one-liners and will make for good company. Her ruling planet is Mercury and it blesses her with charm. She will keep loved ones wrapped around her fingers and they'll be protective about her.

Travelling will always be a part of Sonakshi's life and she'll be keen to explore the world outside. Challenges will always be welcome and without these, life just isn't fun for the unpredictable Gemini.

In love, Sonakshi will seek perfection and may find herself constantly falling in and out of love. She would rather keep looking than settle for anyone who does not meet her standards.  She wants romance and the lighter side of love appeals to her. She's a dreamer and will only find love with a man who understands her need to feel special and deeply loved.

Numerologically, her ruling number is 2. As per her ruling number, she's indicated to be highly imaginative, idealistic and optimistic. She's kind and considerate and will keep everyone in her home happy. She's unselfish when it comes to those who are close to her. She puts others' needs ahead of hers and that may be why she'll hold a special place at home. She should, however, protect herself from being taken advantage of, as people may mistake her kindness for naivete.

The months ahead look good for Sonakshi. She will be offered many big banner films and will also will looking at roles that help her shine onscreen. She'll want to taste success in the year 2014 too and will gain from the efforts that she makes. She'll work on her style and fashion sense and will be talked about for wearing quirky clothes. Fans will appreciate Sonakshi's frank and honest way of communicating, both onscreen and offscreen. Her lucky colours are yellow, orange and green. The year ahead will prove to be a year of new and exciting opportunities for Sonakshi.