Solar Eclipse 2021- Time to Pause All The Auspicious Events

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Acharya Mukund By Acharya Mukund
How this Solar Eclipse 2021 would affect your life?

We would be once again observing heavenly glory in the form of a full Solar eclipse on 10th June 2021. This happens to be the fourth eclipse this year, and the other two eclipses are yet to happen. 

Astronomically, an eclipse happens when the Moon gets placed in between the Sun and Earth in orbit. The Moon’s shadow falls on the Earth, and hence the Sun’s view on Earth is totally blocked, thereby creating an eclipse.

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This Solar eclipse would not be visible in India. It would be more prominently visible in Europe, North/West Africa, Canada, and some parts of Asia, the Atlantic, and the Arctic region. The eclipse would begin at 13:42 hours IST and end at 18:41 hours IST, with a full eclipse visible at 16:11 hours. Since this eclipse is not visible in India, rules of the eclipse would not be applicable. 


Astrologically there would be a very awkward planetary situation happening on this day. Since this eclipse is happening on Amavasya day, the Sun and Moon would be placed in Taurus, Mercury, and Rahu. Rahu with these three planets is not a very pleasant conjunction. The mind and the inner consciousness are likely to be troubled. 


Likewise, the direct aspect of Retrograde Saturn and debilitated Mars on each is also not very preferable. Subsequently, the combined aspect of Saturn and Mars on Libra cannot be termed good. Technically both the signs of Venus would be under the influence, and Venus would also be observing a Paap Kartari Yoga, thereby creating a lot of pressure on Venus to deliver good results. 


Venus-related attributes like female gender, good food, conveyance, luxury, enjoyment, recreation, wealth, strategy, negotiation partnership, love affairs, etc., need to be checked. Otherwise, there can be unwanted difficulties heading your way. Your Temperament can be tested, and arguments should be avoided. Likewise, the law can be harsh upon you if not adhered to them.


Vastu-related activities should be put to a halt during the eclipse day, and as such, they should be avoided fifteen days before and after the Solar eclipse. Jyeshtha mas has traditionally avoided having auspicious occasions like marriage fixation, house warming, and buying new vehicles. It is considered a tough month, so anything related to a fresh start should ideally be avoided/delayed for the future.  


There can be occasions of strife with your seniors at work and home. So kindly avoid the situation by staying calm and avoiding the altercation altogether; for ongoing family matters and court cases, being calm would work better than doing anything else. Please do not start a discussion on any new problem as it can create hype and unnecessary tension.


A set of activities can be accomplished during the time of eclipse that can yield some benefits. Mantra recitation, Stotra recitation, and occult activities tend to deliver excellent results. Worshipping Lord Vishnu delivers excellent results. 


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya

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