Signs you are in a Karmic Relationship

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Signs you are in a Karmic Relationship

The attraction may be too strong to pull away from but a Karmic Relationship can never transform into one where you are sharing your life with your Soulmate. Yes, soulmates do exist and all of us are capable of attracting the right kind of love into our lives. But it all depends on how healed our soul is to escape from the clutches of a karmic relationship.

When two people destined to be in a Karmic Relationship come across each other, the attraction is magnetic and there's a connection they find difficult to ignore. Relationships that happen early on in life are mostly karmic in nature and these are meant to teach you lessons so that you can rise above as a person and realize your true potential and goals in life. Once the soul is free and you are able to overcome the challenges of a karmic connection, you will be true to yourself and will be ready for real happiness. Relationships are meant to be healthy and they should help you grow as a person.

Common signs of a Karmic Relationship:

Abuse: Relationships marked by verbal and physical abuse are definitely karmic bonds and these are bonds that need to be broken in a healthy manner. Walking away after learning your lessons is important, so that your soul can be free from past debt. If the couple doesn't learn the lesson they are meant to, the karmic loop continues across lives. The roles may be reversed. Unless you are okay with unhappiness and destructive behavior why will you put up with anything abusive?

Addictions: Addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol or sex. In karmic relationships, people are highly unhealthy and are drawn to vices. They will together create a life that is full of darkness and misery. They may feel this brings them together, but in fact, it only makes them more miserable in the long run and things end on a sad note.

Anger, Rage and Arguments: When in a Karmic Relationship, people have little or no control over why they are angry with the other person. Name calling and disrespectful behaviour is common. The soul remembers past wrongs but our memory does not provide us with the answers to our past lives. Inner healing is important to forgive, move on and not give in to any base feelings. Maturity will help you deal with such negative feelings and embrace a positive outlook towards life.

Restrictions: There will be a lot of restrictions on who you meet, where you can go and what you can do. There may also come a point where you feel you are isolated and away from friends, family and loved ones. Trust will be lacking and the relationship will not be supported by a solid foundation to allow for unconditional and selfless love.

Jealousy: Intense jealousy and heated discussions resulting because of one's jealous and possessive behavior are common in these relationships.

Selfishness: One or both people involved in such a relationship are likely to be selfish and never truly want what is best for the other person. It will be all about individual happiness and satisfaction.

Physical in nature: The relationship will revolve around sex and once the person gets what they want, you will not be as interesting to them as you want to be. They will again sweet talk you into it, when they want to satisfy their base desires. The passion and affection of a true lover will be missing.

Breaking up again and again and then getting back together - this is something very common, as far as karmic relationships are concerned. The physical pull is so strong, people pay no heed to all the signs that stare them in the face and beg them to walk away from such a destructive and unhealthy relationship. Accepting excuses or making excuses to yourself will only land you in a deep pit and regretting it will not change things in your life. Such bonds can be improved when both are equally ready to work on the challenges, accept mistakes and do what they can to grow spiritually and emotionally. These bonds don't usually last but they last for a long period of time.

When you meet your soul mate or your twin flame, you will not find yourself asking if this person is right for me. Understanding, trust, love, passion, affection - all these essential elements will be present in a Soulmate relationship. The love you feel will be true and will soothe your soul.