Shubh Muhurat in December 2022: Must Check Before Starting A New Business!

Tue, Nov 29, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Nov 29, 2022
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Shubh Muhurat in December 2022: Must Check Before Starting A New Business!

The last month of the year is here, and it's safe to say that people have a lot of plans for December! Are you thinking of starting a flourishing business? Or do you plan to conduct a Naming ceremony for your child? Or are you planning to tie the knot this month? If so, adhering to a Shubh Muhurat is a must! Keep reading here to know all about the December Shubh Muhurats so that you plan all your important work and auspicious tasks accordingly. 


Adhering to a Shubh Muhurat is an absolute must! In Hinduism, it is believed that if any important work is done after considering the auspicious time and date, it offers more successful, promising, and fruitful results. This is why it is always recommended that significant events like marriage, Griha Pravesh, Namkaran, etc., as well as even buying property and vehicles, should only be done after closely checking out the Shubh Muhurat or auspicious time
With the last month of the year, i.e., December, rolling in, people have high hopes. For many, this is the last opportunity to make the most of every opportunity this year. Every new month's arrival is exciting as it promises to bring you abundance, possibilities, and favorable prospects. However, to make the most of every opportunity that a new month offers, you should take advantage of the auspicious days. You can get to know the auspiciousness of a given day by checking the Shubh Muhurat 2022 for any event or important work. Astroyogi's Shubh Muhurat December 2022 article can offer you in-depth information so that you don’t miss out on any auspicious days. 


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Now, let’s get to know the December Shubh Muhurats

Shubh Muhurat: December 2022
Below is a detailed chronicle of the December Shubh Muhurat, according to the Indian Standard Time (IST), that you should pay attention to. 

Auspicious Name Ceremony Muhurat in December 2022 

Our names are an essential part of who we are as individuals. It offers a sense of who we are. It validates a person’s existence and has the power to bring them a fortune. When deciding on a name for your baby, it should be decided after proper thought and with the utmost care. This is why your child's Naming or Namkaran ceremony should be done at an auspicious name ceremony Muhurat

The Namkaran ceremony is the first sacrament of a child, which is believed to offer lifelong blessings if done with full faith by the child’s parents and family members at an auspicious time. The Namkaran ceremony is essential for a child as it shapes the character and personality of a child. The ceremony enhances the auspiciousness of the child’s name and brings fortune, luck, and success to the child’s life. The correct name aids in the comprehensive growth of the child. As the Naming ceremony is an important event for a newborn child, it should be conducted only on a Shubh Muhurat. Additionally, the name should be decided under the guidance and supervision of astrologers at an auspicious time so that the child benefits from it. 

Given below are the Naming Muhurats in December 2022.

  • 2nd December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 05:44 AM to 07:02 AM, 3rd December 2022
  • 4th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 07:03 AM to 07:15 AM, 5th December 2022
  • 7th December 2022 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 10:25 AM to 02:59 PM
  • 11th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 08:36 PM to 11:36 PM, 12th December 2022
  • 18th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 07:12 AM to 10:18 AM, 19th December 2022
  • 21st December 2022 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 08:33 AM to 11:33 AM, 22nd December 2022
  • 25th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 07:15 AM to 09:16 AM, 26th December 2022
  • 29th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 11:44 AM to 07:18 PM

Auspicious Marriage Muhurat in December 2022

Marriage is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It is a life-long commitment that two people make to each other. Marriage is more than just a physical union; it is also an emotional and spiritual union. In India, marriage also means the union of two families. Undoubtedly, it is one of the biggest steps a person takes in their life. It offers an opportunity for a person to grow in selflessness as they care for their partner and children. 

Marriage is a bond that intertwines you and your partner for life. Therefore, when it comes to tying the knot, you must take all the necessary steps to make sure that your marital life will be like a bed of roses. When getting a marriage fixed, you should opt for Kundli matching of the prospective bride and groom and get every aspect properly analyzed by expert astrologers. One of the most important things you should remember is picking an auspicious marriage Muhurta for the wedding ceremony to be performed as it prepares the ground for a happy, harmonious, and healthy marriage. The Shubh marriage Muhurta ensures that the couple yields positive results, and their married life is peaceful and stable. When you consider the auspicious time and date for getting married, it can strengthen the bond between the couple, resulting in a happy married life. If the wedding ceremony is done at an inauspicious date and time, there is a higher likelihood that negativity might cause trouble in your marriage. Hence, adhere to the marriage Muhurta

2nd December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:30 AM to 06:58 AM, 3rd December 2022
7th December 2022 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 08:46 PM to 07:01 AM, 8th December 2022
8th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 07:01 AM to 07:02 AM, 9th December 2022
9th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:02 AM to 02:59 PM

Auspicious Time to Begin a New Business in December 2022

Every business owner wants their business to prosper and reach newer success levels. This can be done easily if your business gets the right start. A right start can make things smooth for you. This is why following an auspicious time or Shubh Muhurat to start a new business becomes essential. Astroyogi astrologers recommend considering the monthly Shubh Muhurat when starting a new business. By doing so, you can ensure whether the business will be a success or not in the long run. 

Whether you are establishing a start-up or a new business or opening a new shop or office, adhering to the monthly Shubh Muhurat can ensure your business's growth and prosperity. Thus, if you want your business plans and ventures to flourish, considering Shubh Muhurat is a must.
Below is the auspicious time to start a new business in December 2022. 

  • 2nd December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 7:04 AM to 10:56 AM
  • 4th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 8:22 AM to 12:16 PM
  • 9th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 7:09 AM to 11:00 AM

Auspicious Time to Buy Vehicles in December 2022

Purchasing and owning a vehicle of your own is an extraordinary feat, especially with the prices of every object increasing in today’s age. As the prices are ever-increasing, buying a car can be pretty expensive. No wonder people thinking of buying a car or any other vehicle want to make a quality purchase that makes their life hassle-free. This is where the knowledge of a Shubh Muhurat for purchasing a car should be given proper attention. 

When buying a vehicle, finding the most auspicious time is a must. Following an auspicious time or Shubh Muhurat that favors the purchase of vehicles can improve the chances of prosperity for the car owner. When you buy a vehicle at an auspicious time, the purchase can decrease the chances of any accident or mishap. Thus, you should always follow a Shubh Muhurat

Below are the auspicious times to buy a vehicle in December. 

  • 7th December 2022 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 10:25 AM to 07:01 AM, 8th December 2022 
  • 8th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 07:01 AM to 07:02 AM, 9th December 2022
  • 9th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:02 AM to 11:34 AM
  • 11th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 07:04 AM to 04:14 PM
  • 12th December 2022 (Monday), Muhurat- 06:48 PM to 11:36 PM
  • 18th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 07:08 AM to 07:09 AM, 19th December 2022
  • 19th December 2022 (Monday), Muhurat- 07:09 AM to 02:32 AM, 20th December 2022
  • 21st December 2022 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 08:33 AM to 10:16 PM
  • 25th December 2022 (Sunday), Muhurat- 07:21 PM to 04:51 AM, 26th December 2022
  • 28th December 2022 (Wednesday), Muhurat- 07:13 AM to 12:46 PM
  • 30th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 11:24 AM to 06:33 PM

Auspicious Time for Purchasing Property in November 2022

In today’s day and age, buying land or real estate is nothing short of an extraordinary accomplishment! Purchasing property is a considerable expense for an individual, which is why everyone wants to make a well-thought-out decision that will not lead them to incur any losses in the future. Undoubtedly properties are a good investment as they offer numerous benefits and good returns. But, it's not a minor expense, as it involves the buyer's life savings; therefore, all the aspects should be looked at and analyzed. When a piece of real estate is purchased by referring to the Hindu Panchang, it can make your life more comfortable and secure. This can also bring you favorable conditions and maximum benefits, whereas purchasing a property at an inauspicious time can cause significant trouble in your life. 

Whether you are purchasing land for your office, factory, business firm, or apartment and house, expert Astroyogi astrologers always advise you to do so and get the Puja done at a Shubh Muhurat or auspicious time. Hence, when it comes to purchasing a property, act in accordance with appropriate dates and auspicious timings, as this will ensure that it is a beneficial purchase. 

Given below are the auspicious times for purchasing property in December 2022. 

  • 1st December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 06:56 AM to 05:44 AM, 2nd December 2022
  • 2nd December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 05:45 AM to 06:58 AM, 3rd December 2022
  • 8th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 12:33 PM to 07:02 AM, 9th December 2022
  • 9th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:02 AM to 02:59 PM
  • 15th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 07:06 AM to 07:07 AM, 16th December 2022
  • 16th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:07 AM to 07:35 AM
  • 22nd December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 04:03 AM to 07:11 AM, 23rd December 2022
  • 23rd December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:11 AM to 07:11 AM, 24th December 2022
  • 29th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 07:13 AM to 11:44 AM
  • 30th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 11:24 AM to 07:14 AM, 31st December 2022

Auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurat in December 2022

It's a dream for every individual to own a house. Having a safe, peaceful, and secure place for you and your family is an absolute must. Your home is the place that offers you shelter, security, and privacy. This is the place where you spend time with your loved ones. This is why when people buy their own house, they make it a point to check every factor of their new living space so that it offers prosperity, health, luck, and contentment to the inhabitants. To ensure this, you must always stick to an auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurta for the ceremony to be conducted. 

The Griha Pravesh ceremony is an auspicious Hindu ritual performed before entering a new house. Auspicious time matters a lot when it comes to the Griha Pravesh ceremony. This ceremony ushers good fortune, good vibes, harmony, and positivity to your new home when performed on an appropriate day and time. It also removes Doshas and any other negativity so that you get the favorable influence of celestial bodies. So, check out the auspicious time for the ceremony to be conducted before you step into your new home or occupy anything in your new home. 

Below are the Griha Pravesh Muhurtas available in December 2022. 

  • 2nd December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 06:57 AM to 06:58 AM, 3rd December 2022
  • 3rd December 2022 (Saturday), Muhurat- 06:58 AM to 05:34 AM, 4th December 2022
  • 8th December 2022 (Thursday), Muhurat- 09:37 AM to 07:02 AM, 9th December 2022
  • 9th December 2022 (Friday), Muhurat- 07:02 AM to 02:59 PM
  • 19th December 2022 (Monday), Muhurat- 07:09 AM to 10:31 AM

Major Auspicious Festivals of The Month of December 2022

Check out the most important festivals of the month of December below. 

  • Gita Jayanti- 3rd December 2022 (Saturday)
  • Mokshada Ekadashi- 3rd December 2022 (Saturday)
  • Guruvayur Ekadashi- 4th December 2022 (Sunday)
  • Vaishnava Mokshada Ekadashi- 4th December 2022 (Sunday)
  • Matsya Dwadashi- 4th December 2022 (Sunday)
  • Kannada Hanuman Jayanthi- 5th December 2022 (Monday)
  • Karthigai Deepam- 6th December 2022 (Tuesday)
  • Dattatreya Jayanti- 7th December 2022 (Wednesday)
  • Annapurna Jayanti- 8th December 2022 (Thursday)
  • Akhuratha Sankashti Chaturthi- 11th December 2022 (Sunday)
  • Dhanu Sankranti- 16th December 2022 (Friday)
  • Saphala Ekadashi- 19th December 2022 (Monday)
  • Hanumath Jayanthi- 23rd December 2022 (Friday)
  • Christmas- 25th December 2022 (Sunday)
  • Mandala Pooja- 27th December 2022 (Tuesday)
  • Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti- 29th December 2022 (Thursday)
  • Shakambhari Navratri- 30th December 2022 (Friday)

Major Planetary Transits of The Month of December 2022

Here are the planetary transits in December 2022

  • Mercury Transit in Sagittarius- 3rd December 2022 (Saturday), 06:50 AM
  • Venus Transit in Sagittarius- 5th December 2022 (Monday), 06:00 PM
  • Sun Transit in Sagittarius- 16th December 2022 (Friday), 10:00 AM
  • Mercury Transit in Capricorn- 28th December 2022 (Wednesday), 05:05 AM
  • Venus Transit in Capricorn- 29th December 2022 (Thursday), 04:05 PM
  • Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius- 31st December 2022 (Saturday), 12:10 AM

Full Moon And New Moon Days in December 2022

Here are the dates that you must know. 

  • Full Moon Day- 8th December 2022 (Thursday)
  • New Moon Day- 23rd December 2022 (Friday)

Shubh Muhurat: Why Is It Considered Important?

Now that you know the monthly Shubh Muhurat for December, have you ever stopped to think why Shubh Muhurat is deemed important? In the Hindu calendar, the ‘Shubh Muhurat’ is the auspicious moment of a particular day when all the important, demanding, and promising work can be done. For Hindus, the auspiciousness of a certain time has always been an essential factor to be looked into when starting any auspicious task or new work. To find out a particular monthly Shubh Muhurat, the position of the planets and constellations are thoroughly calculated, and then the Shubh Muhurat of a day is determined. 

People believe that if any auspicious work is done on a Shubh Muhurat, the work can get done without any obstacles. Following the monthly Shubh Muhurat improves your chances of attaining promising outcomes, maximum success, and happiness. Hence, religious events and auspicious work should be done in accordance with the Shubh Muhurats.
When it comes to your wedding ceremony, the Griha Pravesh ceremony in your new house, the Namkaran of your child, or starting any important work, following an auspicious time, or Shubh Muhurat enhances your chances of attaining beneficial outcomes. But, if you do not adhere to the Shubh Muhurat, there is a strong chance of you receiving failure or disappointing results. This is why people should follow the monthly Shubh Muhurat to get fruitful outcomes without meeting any problems.

So, don’t miss out on any Shubh Muhurat 2022 for December!
Want to learn all about the December Shubh Muhurats and the favorable conditions that celestial bodies have created for you? If so, connect with the Astroyogi astrologers. Astroyogi astrologers can answer all your queries related to monthly Shubh Muhurats

✍️ By- Team Astroyogi



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