100% Scientific Spiritual Therapy During This Global Disturbance!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
100% Scientific Spiritual Therapy During This Global Disturbance!


If the soul is always healthy, any disease which comes from outside can be pushed back. Mind, Body & Soul have always been connected and this connection has been explored in Healing & Alternative Therapies.


Today I am going to touch upon the Mind part of it ...


Human Brain weight is only about 1.4 Kgs but it is the most complex human organ that has immense powers and potential which is yet to be explored completely and understood by the common man. It is said that even extraordinary people or Genius in history like Albert Einstein, they used only 10% of their total brain. Imagine what percentage of brain normal people like you or me use. However, the great news is that we can always harness the immense powers of our brain and reach our Highest Potentials as sky's the limit …


Most of you must have not heard about the word “Telekinesis “! If yes then surely you have a keen eye for this subject. It’s a science of moving things without even touching them with just the power of your mind


Sounds unbelievable right?


This Article is a confluence between Science & Spirituality and comes to you exclusively on this website and at the right time

Right time because during this critical time of global disturbance you decide if you want to empower yourself and ensure that you and your loved ones are Healthy – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically & Financially!


For Personal Guidance, Counselling & Future Predictions for Self & the Loved Ones in terms of Health, Wealth/Career, and Relationship you can call me @Tarot Pooja


You can use this guidance anyway you want. Manifest your Desires in order of your preference. Though our Intent of writing this article is overall well-being & health of Humanity right now however the formula can be replicated to any walk of life.


Let’s begin with an understanding that in the broader perspective our Mind can be divided into three states or categories – Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind & Subconscious Mind


 - Conscious Mind is the one that is working for us right now while we are meeting people, talking, reading, etc while we are awake

 - Unconscious Mind is when the person is not conscious, could be health reasons

 - Subconscious Mind is the next category which consists of almost 70% to 80 % of our mind & is not only the major chunk but the most powerful one too.

 It is like the hard disk of your computer as it stores all the information from the beginning not only from this lifetime but also of the previous lifetimes. It’s this part of the brain that the Therapist or the Healers use when they do your PLR (Past Life Regression)