Salman Khan in 2013

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Salman Khan in 2013

The hero that has enthralled the entire nation with his suave demeanour and devil-may-care attitude burst forth into the New Year with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Salman Khan was the much loved host of the Bigg Boss house with his snarky comments and instantaneous wit. On a high from his much awaited and well-received Dabaang 2 there seems to be nothing stopping the heartthrob of India. But what does his horoscope in 2013 have in store for him? Will the success of achieved at the beginning of the year continue for him through 2013? And will he finally be tying the knot this year?

As per his Capricorn horoscope, the beginning of the year has been forecasted as a break from his professional life. Seems like Salman Khan is taking his horoscope seriously. His first release for the year is scheduled for Eid 2013. Due to Saturn’s movement away from his career sector, it is essential for him to chart out his priorities and work towards professional goals he wishes to achieve. Salman needs to thus adequately explore avenues while appropriately exploiting resources in hand. This will result in much deserved and desired success towards the middle of the year, the time when his movies are to be released. The latter part of the year is to be highly rewarding for Salam as per his horoscope, something all his fans will be anticipating eagerly.

As regards to his love life, the year 2013 does not hold anything significant for him. There will be nothing out of the ordinary for Salman in his romantic or relationship sectors. It is however, important to hold on to the romantic desires and expectations felt through the year. This will form the basis of potential relationships. It will help him to achieve a clear sense of what he wants from his relationships and what his partner needs from him, to give it everything he has got. Moreover, 2014 is to be his luckiest year in terms of romance and relationships. As for this year, much to the relief of his mammoth female following, seems like Salman will end this year just as he began it, as a bachelor.

This year seems to be of great significance to Salman Khan. He began the year extraordinarily and as his horoscope indicates it will end at much the same note for him. This year will be when he bears the fruit to his labour, the hardwork and dedication he has endured resulting in significant professional triumphs. Maybe this will be the year where he reclaims his title as the number Khan of Bollywood. Moreover, this year will lay the foundation for his personal life, something which has been shrouded in mystery and doubt for Salman for the past few years. 2013 will play a momentous role in cementing both his romance and professional life, something he truly deserves.