Root Chakra - The Way to Love, Harmony and Peace

Wed, Jun 12, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jun 12, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Root Chakra - The Way to Love, Harmony and Peace

We learn to be in peace, have gratitude and give unconditional love to others from all the Holy Books and discourses. We wish to follow it as well but still, the majority of people fail to do it and in some cases, they are able to do it initially and later again they fall.  WHY?

The main reason is that we learn or try to accept others or be grateful to others more than accepting ourselves. Gratitude comes from the Heart Chakra. If a person tries to go to the higher chakras without sorting out the lower chakras then there will be a fall. Energy travels from the way down to up. It never goes the opposite way. Chakras play a very important role. Root chakra is our first chakra. Till the time we have not sorted out our root chakra, nothing can come in harmony. If your root chakra is balanced then this will give harmony in all the chakras and help in balancing them or else all the chakras will get disturbed.

If you are fearful or insecure due to any known or unknown reason then this shows some problems in your Root Chakra. Root chakra is to accept yourself as you are, without changing yourself. Accept your necessities your requirements and work on them. Be grounded and original.

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You should have a feeling that your original self is very much acceptable to you and to others. Do not reject your necessities. Fulfill them in the best possible manner. Along with this be well aware of the ultimate truth about yourself that you are safe and secure in the hands of the divine. This thought will keep you powerful and well connected to your source. You will feel nourished, connected and blossomed.

Balancing the Root Chakra

The colour of the root chakra is Red.  So visualizing four petal Red lotus or Red light at the tip of your tailbone, makes you Centered, Powerful,  Balanced, Full, contented and Happy. If you feel anxious, insecure or fearful then do this visualizing exercise. Balanced Root chakra gives a safe and secure feeling. This keeps you in your calm

In Astrology Planet Mars is related to the Root chakra. During the dasha of Mars or poor placement of it, combustion, debilitation or transits one can practice meditation. This will help you to make peace Ganesha is Vighnharta and first, his prayers are done.  Ganesha rules Root chakra. So any trouble of Root chakra can be solved by worshipping Ganesha. Observe Ganesha, learn and follow Him. You can chant Ganpati Atharvasheersh as well.

'LAM' is a beej mantra of the Root chakra. Reciting this mantra with visualizing Red light in tail bone gives a huge effect in balancing the Root chakra. This will instantly bring you back in your Ok'ness. Walking barefoot on grass is extremely good for Root chakra. Soil is very good for balancing the root chakra. Get connected to Mother Earth, it will nourish you.

Gardening or spending time close to nature is excellent in balancing your Root chakra. You need to connect to Earth can be fulfilled in this manner.  You can grow your own greens. There is so much self-help information available on the net nowadays. Crystal bowl sound meditation is a very good balancing method for Root chakra. In this Universe, all our energy vibrates on different levels. Sound vibrations have miraculous power to immediately connect to our body by entering the cells at a very deep level.  This is the reason the balance can be felt very fast. Root chakra relates to some specific sound so whenever that sound is there then it relates to it immediately and gets the balance.

Carnelian and Black Tourmaline crystals help in balancing the Root chakra. Nutmeg aroma oil is good for the Root Chakra. Consuming Red color fruits and vegetables are good to balance the Root chakra.


Bring out your own Happiness

The conclusion is that you can only move ahead towards materialistic success or spiritual success when your Root chakra is well balanced. Imbalanced Root chakra will severely affect other chakras. Balanced Root chakra gives you a full and safe feeling.

A person whose plate is full can only give to others. Gratitude,  peace and unconditional love come naturally. A person with an empty plate is starving himself so what he will give others. Make your plate full and then share it with others. First, accept yourself, listen to yourself and love yourself unconditionally then think of loving others unconditionally.

A while back I attended a meditation workshop of SSY in Maharashtra, I learned 3 mantras that I call magic mantras now.

I am nobody

I am '0'

Everything is OK

I saw the root of every problem was self-doubt. Our identity lets us see our true infinite potential. We are the same energy as the Super-Conscious, Same light, Same Glow. We are Always. Only the body is transformed. There is no death. There are different journeys. The moment we surrender to our thoughts and self-doubt, it imprisons us. It makes us fearful about our survival. Today I call these lines my magic mantras. This makes the life journey effortless.  It is more of a play. I have seen a huge shift in my life and I am blessed by the Universe to pass this knowledge on to others, who I met in my journey. I am blessed to see a positive shift in their lives too. So, Be the Truth, as Bhagwat Gita guides. Truth empowers us. Being in this thought automatically balances your Root chakra,  making our life beautiful. Life is a game and we all are players. Let's enjoy it and nourish our inner child.

Be happy

Loads of love

In gratitude

Acharya Smredhi

Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya

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