Republic Day of India – 26 January 2021

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Republic Day of India – 26 January 2021

26th January is symbolic of the birth of India as an independent nation, the first breath as a sovereign State and the formation of a republic of free individuals. The true spirit of India as a nation comes to life every Republic Day. This day instils Indians with pride towards our forefathers and belief towards a better India. Predicating the progress and growth of the coming year for India is a rather complex task due to the dynamics of multiple factors but it can determined to a certain extent keeping in mind the solar movements in 1950 and the current year.

At time of India’s transition to a republic State, it is seen that Pluto occupied Leo. This is indicative towards the struggles that the nation faced, both social and political and the constant attempts towards a just and equitable society. This planetary movement today reflects up on the unending fight to rid ourselves of vices that plague our society, citizens and nation. It once again encompasses both social and political challenges and the need to stand up for our rights. It also points towards unresolved issues of terrorism and related activities. However, as a planet of transformation, Pluto gives us hope for a better future where radical policy changes will help improve the current situation.

The second observation of Mars occupying Libra is reflective up on India’s relations with the rest of the world. It explains the importance then and now to build a strong and independent image of ourselves to the world so as to be recognised as a force to be reckoned with. Also, strong and reliable bilateral and multilateral treaties with nations are essential to expand the export of goods and services by the country which is necessary for domestic prosperity and development. Moreover, Mars in Leo shows that the country is not afraid to stand up for its interests, citizens and beliefs. It thus reflects up on our dominance as a powerful economy.

A number of other observations such as that of Saturn occupying Virgo show the advancement and progress of the Indian economy. The growth and emergence of numerous new sectors and the substantial development of existing ones exemplifies India’s capacity and capability to improve. However, there are also signs of excessive expenditure on defence in the forthcoming year. This is a pressing problem which needs to be addressed and will also result in reallocation of resources and finance.

The overall predication for India in the year 2021 is a positive one. The government and people need to realise their strengths and capitalise on them. It is not enough to merely depend on the promise of development and growth offered by their horoscopes. It is time that we evaluate our shortcomings as a nation and society, effectively plan towards minimising these and work towards them in the coming year. It is time to take action towards what we wish to achieve rather than sit on the side-lines as spectators and criticize. It is time we unite as a nation and fight for ourselves and our country.

Astroyogi wishes you a Happy Republic Day!