How Will the Relationship between India and the New US President be Like?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How Will the Relationship between India and the New US President be Like?

The much-awaited results of the 2020 Presidential elections in the United States are out! The American electorate has given its verdict on who gets the keys to the White House for the next four years. The destiny of the two contenders, i.e., Joe Biden and Donald Trump, were in the hands of the voters. After everyone eagerly waited with the biggest question on their minds- 'Who will win the United States Presidential Elections of 2020?', Joe Biden became the new President of America.

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After becoming the Vice President of the United States and working in public for almost 50 years, Joe Biden became the newly elected President of America. As per media reports, he has crossed 270 Electoral College votes, proving a win. If you look at the results, you'll realise that there is not much of a massive difference of votes between Biden and Trump. In this article, we'll tell you why Joe Biden was declared the ultimate winner based on his planetary and constellation movements and horoscope assessment done by Astroyogi's expert astrologer. We'll also outline what astrological factors contributed to helping Biden become the USA's new President and why Donald Trump tasted defeat.

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How Biden Became the New President of the United States of America?

Joe Biden was born on 20th November 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. According to Vedic astrology, Biden was born in the Capricorn Ascendant, and Biden's moon sign is Aries. He was born in the fourth phase of Ashwini Nakshatra. Presently, Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Rahu is going on, and the Sun is in Pratyantar, due to which the year 2020 has been going good for Biden. Additionally, Saturn has become the lord of the ascendant (Lagna), which has helped Biden score a victory. If we talk about transit, Mars in the tenth house is looking over the Moon and creating the Lakshminarayan Yoga. Along with that, Mars and Mercury are making the Kendra Trikona Raja Yoga. All these factors can be considered as the causes behind Biden's victory in the US Presidential election. Jupiter, the lord of the 3rd house (Parakram), is exalted or in a mighty state and is aspecting the planet Sun. Additionally, Sun's aspect is falling mightily in this house. The Planet Sun is in Pratyantar, and it will stay in this state from October till March. This state will bestow him with great success. 

Now let's look at why Trump didn't get the privilege of becoming the President again. The former President of the United States of America was born on 14th June 1946 in Queens, New York City. According to astrology, he was born in Leo ascendant, and his moon sign is Scorpio. Trump was born in the fourth phase of Jyestha Nakshatra. Currently, Mahadasha of Jupiter is going on, and Antardasha, as well as Pratyantar of planet Mercury, is going on. An eclipse on Moon and Sun and Kaal Sarp Dosha is being formed in his horoscope, due to which Trump had to face defeat. As Mars and Rahu were in his favour, he got people's votes, but he ultimately had to face defeat due to the Kaal Sarp Dosha.

How Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Joe Biden’s Relations be?

With the new President of the USA in place, the critical question for us is how the relations will be like between Joe Biden and Narendra Modi. When talking about the relationship between Biden and Modi, we can anticipate how it will be by taking a look at their respective horoscopes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born in Scorpio ascendant, and his moon sign is Scorpio. Currently, Antardasha of Sun and Mahadasha of Moon is going on. The Sun is forming Budhaditya Yoga with Mercury, which will ensure honour and respect for the native. Simultaneously, Jupiter is aspecting the professional and career facet of his horoscope, which means that he will achieve name and fame in his profession or work area. The lord of the professional area-Mercury is making a good relationship, or Yog with Sun, which will ensure that he will earn respect from all over the world. The planet Moon in the ascendant is also making a Lakshmi Narayana Yoga with Mars. Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi's horoscope also has Lakshmi Narayan Yoga, Kendra Trikona Raja Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, which indicates that he will enjoy the pleasure and power of the position of Prime Minister till 2028.

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Overall, if we analyse the horoscope of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the horoscope of President Joe Biden, we can observe a similarity in their celestial bodies. It can be seen that the Sun and Venus are forming Kendra Trikona Raja Yoga in Joe Biden's eleventh house. Similarly, in Narendra Modi's Horoscope, Raja Yoga of Sun and Mercury is being created in the same house. From this, we can anticipate that the Biden and Modi combination will work out well in the professional field. As per the analysis of the horoscopes of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the astrologers at Astroyogi believe that Joe Biden can make the US's relations with India stronger than what Trump could have achieved.

According to the horoscope analysis of the two leaders, it can be anticipated that newly-elected President Joe Biden will cooperate fully with India's policies and economic activities. Along with that, far better US and India relations and partnerships can be forged between India and Biden. 

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