Ranbir Kapoor’s Happening Love Life

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Ranbir Kapoor’s Happening Love Life

Ranbir Kapoor, Bollywood’s heartthrob, has had to face several infidelity allegations, having flit from one affair to another. Quoting him,”Why be ‘committed’ to someone, when you cannot be committed?” To be fair to him; these maybe due to zodiac incompatibility and nothing else.

According to his girlfriends, Ranbir can be a great friend as he is a really nice, respectful guy with family values, but at some point they draw a line on him being a great ‘boyfriend’. Astroyogi checks out why none of Ranbir’s various affairs ended with a ‘happy ending’ till now.

One of Ranbir’s first crush was Avantika Malik, in the 90s. Although he labels this as a ‘childhood crush’, it is a well-known fact that the first love is the most difficult to forget. Although Avantika was not keen on the ‘mommy’s boy’, Ranbir loved to visit the sets of the series ‘Just Mohabbat’, in which she was working as a child artist, simply to meet her. Why did the stars not work in their favour? They dated for almost five years and that is supposed to be a long enough time to know each other well.

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Born on 28 September, Ranbir is a Libra, while Avantika, born on 18 July, is a Cancer. This pairing gets only a 2 ‘Hearts’ rating as one is an Air Sign and the other Water. It would have taken a lot of communication and compromise on both their parts to overcome their fundamental differences.

Kapoor junior and Sonam Kapoor made their debut on the silver screen together, with Saawariya, and were also suspected to be each other’s Saawariya in real life. He failed to rise above the ‘mama’s boy’ cadre in Sonam’s eyes and so, according to Sonam, they remained just ‘good friends’.

Born on 9 June, Sonam is a Gemini. Although both Libra and Gemini are Air Signs and so highly compatible, with a 5 ‘Heart’ rating, but the former is a Cardinal Air Sign while the later is a Mutable one. Both can be very stubborn and they would have struggled to reach a compromise every time.

Kapoor also had a huge crush on Nandita Mahtani (Ex-wife of Karisma Kapoor’s husband)but the affair didn't last because Ranbir couldn't handle the 10 year age gap. Born on 17 October, Nandita is also a Libra. Although it gets a 4 ‘Hearts’ rating, this match was doomed to end up in the ‘boring’ space.

Ranbir had a real long lasting relationship (2 years) with Deepika Padukone and the two were loved as a couple by their fans. His flirtatious nature was the bane this time. Born on 5 January, Deepika is a Capricorn. These two signs are quite incompatible and get only 2 ‘Hearts’.

Maybe to heal his wounds after breaking up with Deepika, Ranbir started dating his co-star, Nargis Fakhri. But this didn't last long too. Born on 20 October, Nargis is also a Libra like Nandita, so a long alliance wouldn't have been feasible.

Ranbir, while having an affair with Katrina Kaif, even moved into a flat with her. The Ran-Kat affair hogged the limelight for almost a year before it went kaput. Born on 16 July, Katrina is a Cancer, like Avantika.

Ranbir is now with Alia Bhatt, a Pisces and we hope he has learnt some valuable lesson by burning his fingers so often and so there will be better compatibility this time.