Rahu-Ketu Transit and Its Impact on Your Sign

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Rahu-Ketu Transit and Its Impact on Your Sign

Rahu and Ketu would be transiting to Virgo and Pisces on 12/07/14 at 08:42 pm. They would be changing their houses after eighteen months. These happen to be malefic planets and their effects on most of the zodiac signs are negative. This happens to be an important transit as it does not happen often. Here's an analysis of the effects of this transit on the different Moon zodiac signs.



Rahu would be occupying sixth house and Ketu would be occupying twelfth house. This should bear some good results. There should be an improvement in the ability to fight back situations. It would be a good time to take a problem head-on. At the same time, your spiritual inclination is bound to improve and you would be relying on the Almighty for his grace.



Rahu would be occupying fifth house and Ketu would be occupying eleventh house. Keep a close watch on your children's well-being. Those involved in academics may face some obstacles, so act and react accordingly. Your income pattern is likely to get disturbed due to some unfamiliar reasons.



Rahu would be occupying fourth house and Ketu would be occupying tenth house. Do not mix your temper with your driving. Keep a close watch on your Mother's well-being. Try not to enter into any heated arguments with your close relatives. Go for full participation in any religious activity if you get some chance.



Rahu would be occupying third house and Ketu would be occupying ninth house. Mobilize your actions towards tasks that require hard work and regression. Remember that repetition of an activity leads to perfection. Some long distance pilgrimage is very likely. Keep a close watch on your younger brothers/sisters and father's well-being.



Rahu would be occupying second house and Ketu would be occupying eighth house. Think twice before speaking anything unpleasant to someone. Your savings level is likely to take a negative hit. Be very careful while signing documents and accepting any new responsibility. Don’t get pessimistic if you do not get desired results out of your efforts.



Rahu would be occupying first house and Ketu would be occupying seventh house. Try to maintain a practical thinking pattern and do not get over optimistic on issues. Do not try to take shortcuts in your efforts else it would hit you negatively. Try to maintain harmony with your spouse ignore petty factors that may lead to discord.



Rahu would be occupying twelfth house and Ketu would be occupying sixth house. There may be some reduction in the number of sleeping hours. Be careful as there may be some situations of back stabbing. Try to connect with the Almighty and you would feel the bliss. Try to stay practical and do not bluff on matters.



Rahu would be occupying eleventh house and Ketu would be occupying fifth house. There may be some opportunities to earn a fast buck. Do not give up on your efforts to achieve desired results. There may also be some opportunities for poojan/hawan and mantra recitation, so go for it as it would be a very soothing experience.



Rahu would be occupying tenth house and Ketu would be occupying fourth house. The harmony at work/workplace is likely to get affected negatively. Don't try to follow new methods of working or breaking the protocols at work and abstain from bearing too much risk at work. Maintain decorum at home. Try to stay close to the Almighty and you'll happily bypass this period.



Rahu would be occupying ninth house and Ketu would be occupying third house. You are likely to develop a religious bent. Appreciate the spiritual enlightenment that would be developed during this transit. Some memorable pilgrimage is likely. Keep a close watch on your father's health.



Rahu would be occupying eighth house and Ketu would be occupying second house. Stay away from activities that deliver windfall gains. Research based attitude would be helpful provided you do not get diverted to negative occult sciences. Speech would be the key to your success. Try to maintain a good personal hygiene.



Rahu would be occupying seventh house and Ketu would be occupying first house. You need to keep a cool head to achieve desired results. Maintain utmost harmonious relationship with your life partner or your business partner. Ward off any evil thoughts that take you away from your spouse. Remember that your actions would hold the key to success.


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