Rahu Transit in Gemini on 7th March 2019

Wed, Feb 20, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Feb 20, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Rahu Transit in Gemini on 7th March 2019

Rahu is about to change its sign in 2019 and this may bring about significant changes in your life. On March 7, 2019, Rahu- the planet which maintains your account throughout different lives and also, wealth and luxuries in your life enters the sign of Gemini. It will stay here till September 23, 2020 (IST). So the implications and effects are going to be for the long term. In general, this transit of Rahu will help you to remain focused, conquer and progress. Rahu is a shadow planet according to Vedic astrology. A lot of you may be fearing its bad effects. Its transition in 2019 is definitely noteworthy, whose effects on respective zodiac sign can be of anybody's interest. The right tips and advice may help you to stay poised for the changes about to happen. Stay tuned to find out about its impact on each of the 12 signs.

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(Predictions are based on moon sign)


If you are into exports and imports business you may get a chance to change your profession or expand it in another direction. Shop owners will see a rise in their sales. Pregnant women should take care of their diet and also need to be extra careful while travelling. You should not be getting involved in any intense physical activities as there are chances of injuries. Youngsters may have a tendency to do get involved in antisocial activities which may demean themselves in front of their family and society.


 Taurus natives who have started a new relationship recently should make their days well organized and do something special for their partners frequently. Long pending financial decisions will be taken with confidence and conviction. Also, during this time you have to be careful and start thinking about saving your money. Your good choices will only keep your finances stable. Travel related expenses are likely to be high during this tenure as you may plan a vacation or an outing.


You will be able to maintain your health only if you keep working for that. There can be some stress-related issues in the initial time period of the transit and this will be because of the pressure you are facing at the work front. You need to give your attention to the opportunities that come your way and nothing can stop you from getting the best in your life.


Whether it is your personal life or professional life, the decisions you make should never be influenced by any pressure. The thing is you are the only person who can take the best decisions for your own good and there is no one who understands your goals, strengths and weaknesses better.  Those who are aspiring to go abroad will get their dream chance.


Health is wealth and you need to understand it before it is too late. You need to oppress any bad habits which you have during this time period or else it may take a toll on your health. Take some time to educate yourself about the recent changes that have happened in your industry. Being comfortable in your job is one thing, but becoming complacent is what you are really looking forward to in the long run.


If you are going to start your career in this time period, you are likely to get your dream job. Use your knowledge and intellect to stay ahead of your game. If you are planning for higher studies or overseas employment opportunity this may be the lucky time period you have been waiting for. There are indications of getting good salary hikes during this time period.


Love is like a blessing that everyone is destined to have, but maybe at different times. So don’t lose your hope even if you have to wait a bit longer. More importantly, you should not overreact. An important tip from our expert astrologers for this time period is that you should not trust anyone blindly, because in this highly competitive environment you don’t know who is going to backstab you and who will stay loyal.


During this time period, you will be appreciated for the hard work and efforts, you have put to get your chores completed at workplace. You can definitely take the help of your seniors if you are confused. This proactive and humble approach may actually impress them. Plan your budget after considering all your expenditure and always keep a contingency fund


There will be many positive changes that will happen in your romantic life during the time period. Married couples will get time for spending with each other and the differences will be resolved out. Your workplace may give you some stress during this tenure which could also lead to blood pressure problems for some of you. Do not ignore even the minor problems that trouble you. Get proper medical attention when required.


You will be nothing short of a brilliant performer at the work front during this time period. This is also a good tenure for women who have been having some difficulty in the career front. Use your creativity to fulfil your professional goals. Any new business endeavour that you may come across and consider needs careful planning before its launch.


Work pressure will keep you stressed out during this time period. You need to plan your work well in advance and have a proper time schedule for better efficiency. You may tend to get a bit harsh in your speech with your partner. This may be possible due to the mounting stress. You need to keep calm and deal things with tact and composure.


You should not be expecting returns for all the favours you do during this time period. Help someone if you are in a position to and have the capacity to do so. This frame of mind will enable you to deliver your work on time and earn the support and appreciation of your colleagues and superiors. You will be able to cherish sincere and trustworthy relations with your partner during this time period.

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