Purnima 2019 - Rituals and Significance

According to the Hindu-Lunar calendar, full moon days are called Purnima. Apart from coinciding with many Hindu festivals, Purnima holds a lot of importance and significance, especially in the Hindu community. Two Hindu deities who are prayed to and worshipped during Purnima are Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.


Since on the day of Purnima, the Moon completes one cycle around the Earth, it is believed to signify birth and rebirth. Devotees perform special Purnima Pujas, to celebrate a new chapter and a new beginning for a person. Many people also associate Full Moons with new opportunities, and a chance to make a positive change in one’s life.

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On each Purnima, some unique Purnima Puja Vidhi is adopted by devotees. It is believed that all Purnimas is Goddess Lakshmi’s favorite days when the Moon is bright and fully round in shape. Devotees pray and offer traditional sweets to Goddess Lakshmi, who is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is believed that the Goddess fulfills the wishes and desires of devotees who worship her.


Goddess Lakshmi is believed to ‘sit’ on a Banyan tree or Peepal tree, at particular times on Purnima days. Devotees prepare sweets like kheer and also offer sweetened water and honey to the tree. Incense sticks (known as aggarbattis) are also lit by the worshippers. After the prayers, family members also hang a garland made of mango leaves (called toran) on the main entrance to the house which is believed to bring in prosperity and good fortune for the family.


For those who may not be doing well in financial matters, astrologers suggest that kheer should be offered to the moon while chanting prayers.


While all Purnima days are considered auspicious, 5 of these, in particular, namely Kartika Purnima, Magha Purnima, Sharad/ Ashwina Purnima, Guru/ Ashadha Purnima, and Buddha/ Vaishakha Purnima, are considered the most significant to pray to Goddess Lakshmi and to the Moon. Devotees also keep special Purnima vrats (fast) in order to be blessed with wealth and a good financial year.


Two important pujas performed include The Shree Satyanarayan Puja and The Maha Mrityunjay Jap. These are considered to be highly auspicious for devotees who wish for prosperity and happiness for themselves and their families. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are worshipped during these ceremonies. Performing these pujas can make life better for the natives and reduce problems. Many families also perform these pujas after a marriage or job promotion or after purchasing new property, to thank God and seek His blessings.


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Purnima 2019 will be observed on 12 days this year.

List of Purnima dates in 2019 include -

1    Pausha Purnima        January 21, 2019, Monday    (Begins - 02:19 PM, Jan 20 Ends - 10:46 AM, Jan 21)
2    Magha Purnima          February 19, 2019, Tuesday    (Begins - 01:11 AM, Feb 19 Ends - 09:23 PM, Feb 19)
3    Phalguna Purnima    March 20, 2019, Wednesday    (Begins - 10:45 AM, Mar 20 Ends - 07:12 AM, Mar 21)
4    Chaitra Purnima         April 19, 2019, Friday    (Begins - 07:26 PM, Apr 18 Ends - 04:42 PM, Apr 19)
5    Vaishakha Purnima   May 18, 2019, Saturday    (Begins - 04:11 AM, May 18 Ends - 02:41 AM, May 19)
6    Jyeshtha Purnima      June 17, 2019, Monday    (Begins - 02:02 PM, Jun 16 Ends - 02:00 PM, Jun 17)
7    Ashadha Purnima      July 16, 2019, Tuesday    (Begins - 01:48 AM, Jul 16 Ends - 03:08 AM, Jul 17)
8    Shravana Purnima     August 15, 2019, Thursday    (Begins - 03:45 PM, Aug 14 Ends - 05:59 PM, Aug 15)
9    Bhadrapada Purnima    September 13, 2019, Friday    (Begins - 07:35 AM, Sep 13 Ends - 10:02 AM, Sep 14)
10    Ashwina Purnima    October 13, 2019, Sunday    (Begins - 12:36 AM, Oct 13 Ends - 02:38 AM, Oct 14)
11    Kartika Purnima       November 12, 2019, Tuesday    (Begins - 06:02 PM, Nov 11 Ends - 07:04 PM, Nov 12)
12    Margashirsha Purnima     December 11, 2019, Wednesday    (Begins - 10:59 AM, Dec 11 Ends - 10:42 AM, Dec 12)


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