Propose Day - The Second Day of the Valentine Week

“True love cannot be found where it does not exist; nor can it be denied where it does”…Torquato Tasso.

So, if you are in love, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of it. With the advent of this beautiful week dedicated to love, you are given a chance to express yourself to the person who makes you feel on the top of the world.

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The second day of the Valentine week, which is February 8, is celebrated as the Propose Day. We do hope you remembered to present/send a red rose to your beloved on the first day of the Valentine week, which was the 7th of February, to make her/him feel special! 

The Propose Day is a really exciting day for those who are sure about their love and want to take the next step towards getting betrothed. Even if you are not ready to tie the nuptial knot yet, you can still go ahead and propose to your beloved.

On this day, expect the internet to be jammed with millions of messages of love being sent, so make sure about doing something different alongside. Some quotes that you can send to express your feelings are-

Because I found love when I found You


“I have a heart that is true; But now it has gone from me to you.

So care for it just like I do;Because I have no heart and you have two!

If you are lucky to be in the same city as your beloved, you can think of doing something exciting before you propose to him/her. You can rope in a few of your friends to help you or even the hotel staff if you plan on a candle light dinner.

Here, we would suggest that you should do a little homework on what the sun sign of your beloved is to find out what would really make them happy. For this you can read up on our article on Astroyogi. ****

Remember, while some would love a public display of proposal, others may just say ‘yes’ immediately if you two are snuggled up together in a corner all alone when you propose.

What once was the norm, of the boy getting down on his knee to propose to the girl, has become passé now. The millennial is now open to the girl proposing to the boy too. So boys! Don’t be surprised if she makes the move on 7th while you are still wondering how to broach the subject.

Do remember not to take proposals too lightly. Make sure you are confident of your feelings before you say the four little words. And to help you make sure that the alliance will last, there are renowned astrologers who can be consulted to double check on your compatibility with your loved one. Although you have the whole day to make that proposal, if you believe in Vedic astrology, you can even find out an auspicious time of the day to make the move. This will ensure that you start off your lifelong relationship on a firm footing.

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