Predictions for Aam Aadmi Party

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Predictions for Aam Aadmi Party

It's the clash of the titans, as Delhi heads out to vote for the Delhi Assembly elections on 4th December 2013. Congress has successfully managed to maintain its numero uno status in Delhi for the last 15 years, but, this year is definitely different. With the BJP hoping to cash in on the Narendra Modi wave and the new entry, the Aam Aadmi Party all set to clean the political system with their broom; the race to the Delhi Legislative Assembly won't be an easy one.

Giving a twist to this year's elections is the Aam Aadmi Party. When Anna Hazare began the crusade for the Lok Pal Bill, not many expected it to turn into a political slugfest of sorts. While the masses were rooting for Anna to bring about a change in the political system, Team Kejriwal surreptitiously severed ties with him and barged into the big bad world of politics- the Aam Aadmi Party was formed. And the broom became more than just a device for sweeping dirt off the floor. It became the symbol of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Will the supposed common man's broom manage to throw Congress's Sheila and BJP's Harsh Vardhan out and reign supreme? This is what Astroyogi Astrologers have to say. Arvind Kejriwal was born on August 16, 1968. His zodiac sign is Leo. He is an able leader and has the potential to succeed. He is also egoistic and very opinionated. On the other hand, the reigning queen, Sheila Dixit has managed to brush aside controversies and succeeded in defeating many of BJP's top notch politicians in the past, winning the elections three times in a row. Sheila Dixit was born on March 31, 1938. She is an Aries. She is blessed with excellent leadership qualities. Mentally tough and straightforward, Sheila Dixit still seems to hold sway in the Delhi elections. BJP's Chief Minister candidate Dr. Harsh Vardhan has never lost an election for the Vidhan Sabha, played a big role in the eradication of Polio in 1994 and is a doctor to boot. Born on 13 December 1954, Dr. Harsh Vardhan is a Sagittarius. He is energetic and determined and all thanks to his past credentials as a successful party politician, he has emerged as the front runner for the party's chief ministerial candidate.

Despite the fact that the Aam Aadmi Party has managed to attract a huge chunk of the voters with their public friendly antics, the Congress over the years has managed to have a strong foothold and BJP also has garnered a lot of attention, especially because of Narendra Modi's growing popularity. If opinion polls are to be believed, AAP will give tough competition to both the BJP and the Congress. Astrologers at Astroyogi also believe the same. There is a high possibility that Aam Aadmi Party's support would be needed to form the Government at the Centre.

Spearheaded by ex-Anna associate Kejriwal and his team, the Aam Aadmi Party has the potential to produce shocking results. It is the party to watch out for in the Delhi Elections.