Planets Which Governs Your Career

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Planets Which Governs Your Career

Forecasting or judging career abilities is one of the most difficult areas in Astrology. On many occasions, a chart would offer clarity on a direction that is vocational. However, by conflating some basic rules of Vedic Astrology with a pinch of western ideologies, a keyhole view will be accessible to the individual’s most probable areas of worldly arrangements. This can be used with uniquely timed techniques of the Jyotish, where it can be predicted how favourable will the career enhancement be. The primary influencers as planets that govern an individual’s careers are Saturn and Jupiter. Secondary influencers like planets are Mercury, Sun and Mars. Let’s see more in specifics:

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Saturn as a primary influencer gives focus to professions like real estate, agriculture, labor, mining, builders, traders and even monk. But these professions can also vary drastically depending on the strength of Saturn in the individual’s horoscope. If the strength of Saturn is strong in the horoscope then there is a high probability that the individual can become a big businessman in mining or as a builder, real estate and sometimes even be of high positions like a judge. Whereas, if Saturn is weak in the horoscope then the individual could be on the lower end of paid positions like a peon, postman and other similar service-oriented jobs.

Jupiter as a primary influencer directs its focus to financial management positions, Lawyer, Treasury, Scholarly positions, priests, politician, advertising, psychologist and humanitarian work. The planet Jupiter brings out noble and benevolent people who are trustworthy and honest, who are also ambitious and hopeful by nature as well as very kind. If the presence of Jupiter is strong in the horoscope then these individuals will be excellent at whatever they are whereby it leans towards the mentioned professions.

Secondary influencer such as the Sun directs to professions such as a politician, scientists, directors, doctors, jewellers. Individuals who are affected positively by the Sun will have immense authority and be great leaders. Another secondary influencer is the planet Mars where the influenced individuals will find themselves in the field of defence, construction, police, surgeon and engineering. Some individuals may also work with fire-related jobs, energy and positions revolving around metals. The planet Mercury is the last secondary influencer has its influenced individuals being exemplary intellectuals, excellent at writing, teaching, editors and even astrologers.

Additionally, one can see the various professions the remaining planets have to offer.

The Moon focuses on nursing, travelling, marine-related positions, cooks, import/export business.

The planet Venus drives its focus to the entertainment industry, music, beauty, art, hotels and even the sex industry.

The planet Uranus focuses its individuals to be a scientist, inventor or a specialist in computing and electronics.

The planet Neptune can have its individuals to be photographers, film industry and oil industry.

Pluto as a planet will focus its influence on being investigators, espionage, research, insurance, etc.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that Astroyogi’s expert Astrologers examine your birth chart before coming to a decision considering that the influence of planets, signs and houses would be needed to be established that determines your horoscope.