Planet Moon & emotions, how are they related?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Planet Moon & emotions, how are they related?

Astrology is the thread that draws humans, nature and universal frequency in one.


It is said that astrologically humans are closest to the Moon as compared to other planets around.

Since it is also the closest to Earth and its element is water, which is why it is responsible for tides in the oceans and eclipses in the sky.


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Similarly, each planet highlights some sort of aspect or feature of life and accordingly affects it in both good and bad ways.


Planet Moon too has an integral role to play in our lives. Let us read about it.


Planet Moon as perceived by astrology

If we study the influence of planets in astrology, the Moon influences the mood, emotions and personality of the person. Which are also the most important aspects of life without which nothing is possible! Our emotions are the driver of our body and mind and any decision that we take or are likely to take, depends on that.  It is rare that we ignore or emotions and let the mind rule. Even in the toughest of times, if we forcibly listen to our mind, eventually our emotions take the driving seat.  It can be both in a negative or positive way.


Which means unstable or stable emotions are a result of planet moon.


Therefore, each planet in astrology holds a part of us that governs and affects, of which most of us are unaware.


According to the study, these planets can be categorised and studied based on varied norms, behaviour, effect and other factors. Thus, the segregation is used further to study them in the birth chart of the individual to analyse the influence of their presence. 


If we talk about the movement, there are some which are slow-moving while the others are fast-moving. The slow ones take months and years to move and affect the person for a longer stretch. While the fast-moving planets will affect you instantly but the effect will last for a shorter period.


Planet Moon slow or fast-moving?

Planet Moon belongs to the fast-moving category and governs the emotional & feeling side of the person. Subsequently, these two luminaries are the most important part of living. Naturally, it is a benefic planet and in combination with Jupiter or any other benefic planet, it makes life wonderful.


Planets can be benefic and malefic from time to time depending on their equation with the zodiac they transit to. Therefore, when the planet Moon changes its mood from good to bad, it disbalances the good course of life.


In science they say, all these stars, moon and other celestial bodies carry a frequency. These frequencies are both positive and negative. They travel from humans to the universe and vice-versa. Thus, when a planet travels from one sign to another their frequency changes depending on the vibes between them and also their placement in the house.


Planets behaviour

It is the behaviour that directly or indirectly affects human life. During the usual movement, the planets move forward but sometimes they move backwards too. In the process, they keep travelling from one sign to another and keep affecting them. For example, there are days you might feel super joyous and out of the world but during some might feel surrounded by negative and depressing thoughts. It is all due to the changing position of planet mood. 


The influence of planets varies in benefic and malefic form. At times they become so favourable that you are unable to handle the blessings it bestows on you while on the other hand, when in the malefic state they can turn your world upside down.


In astrology, each planet rules a sign and replicates its traits into the sign. Cancer is ruled by Planet Moon. It is also beneficial for signs like Pisces and Scorpio. So, when the same is in a positive state these signs enjoy a good emotional time in all spheres of life. 


Planet Moon & its traits 

It influences the emotional side and attachment with self, mother and kids. Water is the element of the moon. Whenever the moon is affected it directly impacts our emotions. Positive moon indicates peace of mind, joy and enthusiasm. The negative moon, on the other hand, generates negative feelings, causes tension and also makes the person pessimist.


In short, planet moon is the master of our emotions.


So, next time when you see a prolonged time of tension or unhappiness clouding your life, then understand Planet Moon the ruler of emotions is trying to indicate something. You need to pacify and understand it, in order to reverse its negative effect. 


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