November Zodiac Sign - The Influential Scorpio

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
November Zodiac Sign - The Influential Scorpio

Every month has two zodiac signs but one of these zodiacs covers the majority of the days in a month and therefore, it is said to represent the zodiac of the month. The month of November is mainly governed by the intellectual Scorpio that belongs to the element of water. The planets that rule over this zodiac are Pluto and Mars.

Scorpios are the most passionate beings who possess excellent leadership qualities. They are self-motivated individuals who are dedicated to their duties and have the zeal to achieve success in all their endeavors. These dynamic personalities do not entertain failure because victory is what marks their way of life. 


The drawback of being a Scorpio is their emotional instability. They get so involved with the people whom they love that they make themselves vulnerable. The possessiveness of Scorpio is true, real and never-ending. They cannot tolerate that a person who belongs to them suddenly changes side and goes to someone else. This shatters the Scorpion sensitivity and ignites a never-ending pain in their soul. If you have ever hurt a Scorpio, be cautious because they neither forget nor forgive so easily.