Ninth House Of The Birth Chart

Wed, May 24, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, May 24, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Ninth House Of The Birth Chart

The ninth house in the horoscope is the native sign for Sagittarius and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is the House of Faith, Wisdom and Travel.

This house ruled by Jupiter, the philosophical planet, will make the native devout, pious, observant and benevolent. The house is dedicated to the father or ‘Guru’(Spiritual teacher) who parts wisdom to the native. The spiritual initiation, the teaching and the learning are governed by this house. Vedic astrology believes that this house is indicative of what the native will reap in this life as a result of the deeds of his past birth.

While the third house indicated short journeys undertaken by the native, this house indicates journeys to distant places and its success. Also, the native’s interaction with foreigners for accomplishment of desired end.

The ninth house relates to native’s relation with the elder brother.

The physical attributes impacted by the ninth house are the hips, thighs, joints, bones, hair and back.

Let’s now look at the varied impact of the nine planets on the Ninth House-

Sun - When Sun is in the ninth house, your relation with your father may be badly effected and could even cause death of your father. You will be God-fearing and spiritual, taking long journeys to religious places. Your married life will not be satisfactory, but you will have much to gain from your son. You will earn your fortune by your own hard work.

Moon - Moon in the ninth house will make you an avid reader and writer. You will be influenced by the females in your life, specially your mother. Your handsome physique will be attractive to the opposite sex. You will be blessed with happiness, intelligence, wealth and children.

Mars - Mars presence in the ninth house will make you dominant and stubborn, although your charming personality will attract people to you. Mars will instil the love for sports and travel in you. You will strongly believe in spiritual and philosophical aspects of life.

Mercury - You will be fortunate to have Mercury in the ninth house as it will instil the importance of education and righteousness in you. Fame will come to you through your creative talent. You will be rational in your thoughts and beliefs.

Jupiter - When Jupiter is in the ninth house, it will make you thirsty for gathering knowledge and imparting it. You will think positively, involving yourself in productive work and will be blessed with good fortune. Long travels may distance you from friends and family.

Venus - When the ‘Goddess of Love’, Venus, is in the ninth house, it will make you gentle and loving. You will be open to learning of new things while peacefully following traditions, will be understanding in your relationships and will have a natural aptitude with creativity.

Saturn - When Saturn is strong in the ninth house, you will be hard working. You will have keen interest in religious and spiritual subjects and will make long journeys to religious places. A joint family will work well for your success.

Rahu - Rahu is normally effective when it works in conjunction with other planets. When adverse, you will not have stability in your life and your deceiving nature will give you fewer friends. Your bad habits can reduce if you stay with your family and maintain good relations with them.

Ketu - Ketu in ninth house will work in your favour and give you intelligence, flair for writing, make you religious minded and helpful to society. On the downside, you may not get any credit for your work, full share of your inheritance and support of your family. 

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