Neechabhanga Rajayoga - A Very Powerful Yoga in Kundli

Everyone interested in Astrology would have come across the term "Neechabhanga". The word "NEECH" means down trodden and the word "BHANGA" means "to dissolve". A single look at a debilitated planet in a horoscope frightens everyone without understanding the fact that there could be possible cancellations for it.

Interestingly, Neechabhanga has been described as a Rajayoga in our classics like Phaladeepika, Jataka Parijata and Uttar Kalamrita. It means that the results flowing out of Neechabhanga are benefic in nature. There are some important conditions that need to be satisfied before a planet qualifies for Neechabhanga Rajayoga. Let us discuss a horoscope to make this concept clearer.

In the above horoscope Mercury is neech/debilitated. Now a single look at Mercury' in the horoscope explains that Mercury would cause harm to the native during its period as Dasha lord or Antar Dasha lord. Upon further scrutiny of Mercury, we can infer that this debilitated Mercury has actually got a tendency to deliver positive results to the native. The following conditions cancel the debilitation of Mercury in the horoscope.

The planet that exalts in the same sign where the planet has debilitated is in conjunction with the debilitated planet. Eg-if here Venus was in conjunction with Mercury in Pisces then this condition was fulfilled and Neechabhanga would have happened as Venus exalts in Pisces.

The planet that owns the sign where the other planet has debilitated is in its own sign with the debilitated planet. This is also true even if the owner of the house aspects that house from other houses. Eg-If Jupiter was conjunct with Mercury in Pisces then Neechabhanga would have happened.

The debilitated planet is in an improved state of condition in D-9, NAVMANSA CHART. Eg-If mercury was posited in own sign,ie Gemini or Virgo, friendly sign like Libra etc. then significant cancellation of debilitation would have taken place.

Now it should be clearly understood that Neechabhanga is actually different by way of results to Neechabhanga. Normally, both these terms are used interchangeably but the pattern of results is different. Neechabhanga happens by way of the above conditions. Now for Neechabhanga to be a Rajayoga, the planet causing the Neechabhanga has to be in KENDRA/QUADRANT either from the ASCENDANT or the MOON. Otherwise, only cancellation of the malefic results takes place and benefic results may not follow. In case of Neechabhanga Rajayoga, there is cancellation of malefic results as well as flow of benefic results too.

So don't be frightened to see a NEECH/DEBILITATED planet in your horoscope, the planet might do good to you.

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