Moon in Libra

How will it impact you?

The Moon moving into Libra will make this a good time for all you singles. You will soon come across someone you will find easygoing, charming and attracting. Some of you may even find yourself thinking about this special someone while you are work! This is the time when you think about making some changes to your home. The Libra Moon also makes this a favourable time for creative individuals.

If you belong to the zodiac sign Aries, you are sure to see some improvement in your personal relationships. Dating will be fun and you will be at your charming best.

Taurus, you get many new opportunities to improve your life. A change in residence will do you good and you will welcome the change. Romance with your partner will be better than ever!

New friendships will be the highlight of this Libra Moon period for you Gemini. You will impress others with your ability to speak your mind.

You will find happiness at home Cancer. Those of you living away from your family are likely to reunite after a long time.

If your zodiac sign is Leo, you will thank your lucky stars for all the right decisions that you make. People will find your work innovative and your ideas, creative. There will be no better time than this for new projects and work.

You will be quite satisfied with how things are professionally. You finally resolve some pending work Virgo and this helps you relax. On the personal front too, you will not have much to complain about.

Your elegance will help you charm everyone in your social circle. During this favorable period you will take some important decisions that will bring some major changes in your personal life.

Get ready for some good surprises Scorpio! You may finally get some good news regarding your career. Things will happen the way you want them to now. Keep your eyes open and do not miss any opportunities.

You will set out on a short trip with your close friends and will really enjoy yourself. The Libra Moon makes it possible for you to do things that you have been wanting to do for a while Sagittarius.

Love will happen soon! You express your feelings to someone you love and the good news is he/she feels the same way about you too. If you are planning to tie the knot, do so now Capricorn.

You will accomplish all your tasks with perfection and your work will be flawless Aquarius. On the personal front too, you will sort out many issues.

Pisces, there’s no better time for you to put your thoughts into action. You will see better opportunities now and people will appreciate your creative skills.

Moon in Libra Profile:
If you were born under the influence of a Libra Moon, you will have a charming personality and will have a creative bent of mind. Your easygoing, adaptable nature helps you fit everywhere. People find you graceful and you will have many admirers in your life. As an air sign, you will find it easy to connect to people and speak your mind. Blue, green and white are your lucky colours.


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