Monthly Tarot Horoscope for July 2018 by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Horoscope for July 2018 by Mita Bhan

Celebrity Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot horoscope for the month of July 2018. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Enjoy your reading! 


The faster you learn to get along with some difficult people in your team the better things get. Not everyone thinks the way you do. And not everyone is as straight and to the point either. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Professionally this is a great time to reach out to new markets, business partnerships. Networks are opening their doors in front of you. Long term gains are possible but only if you are patient. A chance conversation with a coworker may lead to a short office romance. Take care of your skin if outdoors a lot.


The more you give, the more you get. And you have never held back in your relationships nor your life. The Universe showers blessings your way for all the times you helped someone in need selflessly.  Communication issues are highlighted be it in the communications industry or a meaningful conversation with a loved one. People notice you more now and if single, this is a great month to meet new people. Married couples strengthen their bonds.  Just remember to not splurge too much on unnecessary things


Memories from the past are suddenly reawakened. Someone from a long time ago reconnects. Or you are suddenly reminded of a time in your life when things were simpler and sweeter.  You may find yourself drawn to creative pursuits like singing or dancing or listening to music from the past. A good month to sort out any differences, misunderstandings with people or clear the papers that are piling on your desk. You will find the energies quite liberating. Travel plans go smoothly. And financially things appear sorted and stable. Don’t ignore your mission to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Step outside your comfort zone. Dare to do something different. Be a little bold. Tell the person you admire what you feel for them. Take up a new hobby. Go on an adventure. The cards urge you to tap into your potential and realise you are greater than you think you are. Don’t let self-doubt destroy your dreams. At the workplace be a little more assertive and take back control. In relationships if you feel you’ve been taken for granted, speak out or step back. This is the month for initiating change in your life. And the faster you do it, the better the month will be. Watch out for too many late nights. 


Your month may see you preoccupied with domestic chores or dealing with all kinds of repairs and renovations. Prepare for sudden expenses that may suddenly throw you off gear. Avoid lending money if you are not sure of the borrower’s intentions to return it.  At work, an alternative option may need to be carved out as an existing plan falls through. A sudden change in partnerships could leave you looking at your future differently. Any form of alternative therapy or meditation will bring positive results.  Steer clear of people who judge and criticise, you don't need them in your life.


Temper temper dear Virgo. People will come to test your control and calm. If you find yourself stressing a little too much, take a break. Work matters need a detached and professional attitude. Holding on to the old ways will only lead to resistance. Things are changing around you and the more you resist, the more annoyed you will be.  Family members could wear you out so do set boundaries. Watch out for a skin rash or ailment that could point to an allergy. Money matters continue smoothly and you may think of investing in property. Remember to give attention to a charitable cause.


The reason you are stuck where you are is because Life is asking you to take a risk. You may be at the crossroads or may be holding back on making an important decision out of fear. Face whatever scares you and take the big leap. You won’t regret it. Long term gains are indicated. A lucky period for self-employed Librans, your ideas will be appreciated and people you met months ago will suddenly reappear. Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Singles can find themselves choosing between two or more attractive options. One tip, listen to your heart.


Teamwork is highlighted this month.  Greater success is assured if you work in a group. Share credit where it’s due. Focus on long term goals. Tolerate different viewpoints. And then, look forward to a long period of reward of recognition. Family matters run smoothly and a reunion promises a lot of shared laughter. Remember you cannot undo the past, you can only make the most of the present moment. Enjoy good health and happiness.


Balance and harmony will be restored but only after a short phase of delays, a sudden change of plans and unexpected expenses. Stay calm and this phase will pass. Money matters get resolved and negotiations run smoothly and in your favour. Your mind is at its sharpest and nothing escapes your notice. A great time for those appearing for interviews, your confidence will make you stand out. One note of caution, in your quest to be right all the time, be careful you don’t hurt people’s feelings.


You may not feel like being your normal sociable self this month. And you would prefer to seek some quiet time to recharge and renew. Keep away from petty politics, drama and gossip and concentrate only on the positive. A misunderstanding could turn into a cold war if you’re not careful with your words. And an old friend shows their true colours.  Money that was owed to you will be returned and an investment begins to show promise. Be generous but don’t allow yourself to get used. 


Never say never dear Aquarian. Time to open up your mind and look at things from another person’s point of view. A short trip could be just the kind of change you need. Wedding bells begin to ring for many and you may find yourself wondering whether you too will tie the knot soon. A good month for making favourable impressions on your bosses and your clients. Going that extra mile for someone brings good luck. Try not to overspend on things you really don’t need. And do take care of your health if you’re prone to seasonal allergies.


Don’t be in such a hurry to get things done. Slow down, smell the coffee, learn to be mindful of the simple and beautiful blessings in your life. In personal and professional interactions, speak out more and let your voice and opinion be heard. You have a lot to share with the world and this is the month to start. Those in the entertainment business or media will receive public attention.  Begin a blog, share your views or take up a cause.  One word of caution - Organise your paperwork, an important document go missing due to carelessness.