Monthly Tarot Forecast for November by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for November by Mita Bhan

Celebrity astrologer Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of November 2015. Let's see what the cards reveal for your sun sign: 


It’s been quite a wait hasn’t it? And looks like the tables have finally turned in your favour. Lady Luck shines down on you. And brings you luck in matters where you’ve been hitting a brick wall. Negotiations will conclude in your favour. And if looking for answers or even that job you’ve been eyeing, this may very well be your month! 


Holding on to someone or something that doesn’t want to be held will get tiring. So don’t say the cards didn’t warn you. Your tendency to control the uncontrollable could reach its peak this month as you find yourself grappling with someone who resists you every step of the way. Possessiveness will not make him love you more. And if you were worried about a long overdue payment, you will be getting it but only after a little more of wait.


The thing about you dear Gemini is you get bored and give up just before the finishing line. Use the weeks ahead to get the chores done, tie up all loose ends and yes, complete even the most boring of tasks. Do it, feel free and look forward to an easy, organized routine in the days ahead. Ignore it or give up and the weeks ahead could turn into the nightmare you never thought would come true.


A friend you thought you could trust may let you down. A secret is out. Or you discover something unpleasant about the place you work for. Remember, there is good and bad in everyone. And only by accepting the unpleasant facts can we grow. Disappointments may be ahead but that doesn’t mean the world is heartless, or out to get you. Learn from your mistakes, salvage what you can and move on.


Someone doesn’t trust you and may place test after test ahead of you in the days ahead. Watch out for unexpected obstacles and red tape. And remember it’s not there to foil your plans, just to check and see if you’re made of the right stuff. A budding romance may suddenly fizzle or an admirer may lose interest. Doesn’t matter, you didn’t really care in the first place.


Travel is on the cards again. And with your schedule you may be spending more out of your days out of suitcases and hotel rooms than you like. What looked like a promising opportunity may not be as rosy up close. And if you were wondering about someone else’s feelings towards you, they may just give you a pleasant surprise in the weeks ahead.


Are you getting overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time? And the pressures seem to be growing wherever you look. Family may be pressuring you to get married. Your boss may want a presentation. If it’s too much to handle, just put up the white flag and take a break. Remember there’s only so much we can do for others, and before all else we need to


Time to take a reality check about someone or something that looks a whole lot rosier than it is. Listen to the words of your advisors and don’t be so headstrong believing you are always right. You could be standing on a landmine or about to make a big goof up if you don’t pay attention to the warnings. A recurring health condition may need a trip to the doctor.


Life may give you another wakeup call if you haven’t paid attention to the signals till now. You may realize you have been lulling yourself about someone’s real intentions. Or the truth may be unpleasant. Realize you were meant to find out anyway. And now that you have, it may be time to pack your bags and move on.


Future plans may take up a lot of your mental space in the weeks ahead. You may opt for a long term loan, or you may consider marriage with someone. Whatever it is, remember though it is wise to think of the future, it helps to listen to our gutfeel. Don’t ignore your inner voice.


Financial gains are indicated and if you were expecting an increment, there may be praise along with it. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. And secretly people are grateful for your presence in their lives. Your confidence will grow just knowing that you are special and do make that difference.


Temper, temper dear Piscean. Your bouts of irritability may stem from boredom or not tapping into your true potential. Realize how much you hurt your loved ones when you’re hurting inside. Instead of lashing out, how about finding some quiet time to figure out just what your soul may be crying out for.