Monthly Tarot Forecast for March 2017 by astroYogi

Wed, Mar 01, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Mar 01, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for March 2017 by astroYogi

Celebrity Tarot Card Reader - Mita Bhan brings you tarot predictions for the month of March 2017. Read what your sign has in store for you this month. Enjoy your reading.


It's time for a celebration. Expect a reunion, joyful memories and happy interactions with friends and family. A project you’ve been working on concludes successfully and now you can look forward to a brand new start. Engagements, marriages or pregnancies are announced and there is an air of light-heartedness all around you. Just make sure you don’t overindulge in the goodies. And do watch your wallet especially if you have a tendency to shop impulsively.


You’re bored, you’re restless and there is something in you that no longer wants the tried, tested and predictable. You’re itching for a change and this month sees you exploring options. You could start looking for a new job, consider moving to a new city or country, or even decide to hang out with a new set of friends who you have little in common with. If you’ve been working too hard, it would be wise to take a short break and recharge your batteries. In relationships, the magic may have worn out and you may find yourself wanting more time away from that person. Don’t take any drastic steps, sometimes a short break is all you need to gain a clear perspective.


Roll up your sleeves and get to the drawing board. The fun and games take a back seat for now as you focus on work matters. Remember, God lies in the details, so don’t rush things. Make sure you double check for errors and focus on the fine print. A good month for all things related to money, you may recover your debts or invest in something. A wonderful month for students, you will find that you get the results you worked hard for. If planning to set up a business or a venture, don’t underestimate the paperwork involved. Nagging health issues get resolved and a practical side emerges, taking everyone by surprise.


Expect delays and minor disappointments on your journey. By getting frustrated and impatient you will only make matters worse. Take a deep breath and hold your ground. You may have to defend your stance to those who don’t believe you. Say your piece and step away. There’s only so much you can do for other people and you realise there are some who will never appreciate your efforts. Your sleep may get affected by stress so make sure you relax your mind. A friend or family member may provide the much-needed relief. An unexpected offer may lift your spirits.


Travel and learning are favoured in the weeks ahead. You may step out of town for a much-deserved break from work. And if you’re a student, expect a wonderful month of great productivity and positive results. Your mind is exceptionally receptive to new ideas and you may find yourself changing from within. The more you open your mind, the more you grow as a person. Financially a good month for income as well as long-term planning. On the personal front, a sparkling connection with someone from the opposite sex could lead to a long lasting relationship or romance.


Someone may withhold information from you or not tell you what's really going on. Trust your intuition. Don’t expect too much from your personal relationships in the month ahead. If you’ve been feeling like you are the one doing all the giving, hold back a bit, you’ve done too much. A man in authority may act in a mysterious manner or not want to take too many risks. Beware of shady business practices or dishonesty. Not a time to take too many risks, choose the path that’s tried and tested. Your health may need a check up to the doctor especially if something has been bothering you for a while.

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A new beginning is at hand but first, you may need to wrap up some unfinished business and tie up the loose ends. Be as transparent in all your professional dealings as possible. Avoid delays from your end and keep your promises. On the personal front, marriage and commitment are indicated; over the next few months you could hear wedding bells. A month that favours all forms of communication, it’s a good time to network, promote and connect with people. Financially things should begin to stabilise. Overall a positive month.


Stress may reach its boiling point as things don’t work out quite the way you planned them. Unexpected hurdles may slow your progress, but that doesn’t mean things won't happen. Stick to your goals, stick to your guns and take a deep breath. Things will eventually work out in your favour but first, you will need to walk through the fire. Personal relationships take a back seat, a friendship may cool off, or you may discover someone’s true colours. Avoid overindulging in food and drink. And do keep your personal belongings near you, there's a chance you could misplace your keys, or phone if you're not careful.


Nostalgia reigns supreme as you remember the good old days. A chance encounter with someone from your past could rekindle a long lost friendship. Your imagination and creativity are heightened and your instincts are sharp in the weeks ahead. Try not to get so dreamy that work matters get neglected. A young child may be the source of great pride and joy. A lovely month for redecorating your home or going in for a makeover.


Family issues dominate this month. Especially in matters related to property, domestic expenses and savings. Make sure your documents are intact and try not to react with aggression. A sudden expense may catch you off guard or you may discover something is working out to be far more expensive than you planned for. Keep your cool, avoid acting impulsively and things should go smoothly. At work, matters plod along and a part of you may start dreaming of change. Ask yourself if you're doing what you were meant to do, and if the answer is no, change things.


After a period of hectic socialising you may feel like withdrawing and just be by yourself. Call it much needed "me" time, just relax and get in touch with your inner self. A good period to set goals and assess yourself, the cards foretell quiet but productive times ahead. Workwise you are on the right path and success may be round the corner but first, you will need to take stock about how far you have come. And of course, learn from your mistakes. Friends and family may take second priority right now as you sort things out. A good month for reflection, planning, meditation and introspection. When you emerge, you will be clearer, lighter and so much more positive.


If things aren't moving it doesn't mean they aren't going to happen. The weeks ahead foretell a time of "watch and wait". Energies are forming and though the answers and results may not be clear to you, they are going to shape out the way you would like them to be. A wonderful month for meeting new people if single, you may meet someone special in this month. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches, they could be giving you a message for your inner self. A wise old woman may give you some valuable advice. Travel plans could get finalised. And if you were planning to appear for an interview or an exam, things could work out in your favour.

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