Monthly Tarot Forecast For January 2018

Mon, Jan 01, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jan 01, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast For January 2018

Celebrity Tarot reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of January 2018. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Enjoy your reading.

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Words of wisdom don’t necessarily come from old men with beards. Teachers don’t necessarily belong to schools. Wisdom and learning can come from the unlikeliest sources. Stay open to some valuable life lessons from unexpected sources.
You’re evolving and maturing in the spiritual plane. And if you were wondering why things may be slow in matters of work or the heart, it’s because all the focus is on your spiritual progress. Meditation will prove to be highly beneficial. Or even a trip to a healer who may reveal some powerful truths about you. Stay open to the signs coming your way from the Universe. A good month to let go of the old and start anew.
The harder you try to control someone or something the more stressed out you’ll get. Learn to let go, back off and give others their space to be. Nothing’s going to fall apart and no disaster will take place if you simply surrender your need to control. Work matters may get a little exhausting and you may feel like staying at home and recharging yourself after a particularly tiring day or two. Make time for the family especially your mother, she may be worrying about you and it’s time to reassure her. Financially a good month to invest in long-term options and secure your future.
A phase in your life comes to an end, and something begins anew. Bid goodbye to a relationship or an atitude that you know isnt helping you. And looking forward to approaching your world with greater awareness and confidence. If it’s your relationship which you’ve been secretly wanting to end you may find the courage to say goodbye. If it’s your job where you’ve begun to feel trapped, you may put in your papers. Whatever it is that you’re doing, know that things can only get better. And they will. Let go of the past, it’s over. Look forward to greatness.
If you’re so clear about what you want, why havent you asked for it yet? The cards urge you to reassess your situation, decides what needs changing and go on and change things. You may have to face your critics this week, either at the office or in your personal life. Stop allowing them to put you down. Speak up and speak out. Once the world realises you’re no pushover, things change for the better. Fight your doubts and believe in yourself dear Cancerian. Good times are coming, but you need to be ready for them.
Be absolutely clear in your communications this month. Double check all documents. Keep back-ups. And make sure nobody misunderstands anything you speak or write. In your hurry to meet the deadline a few careless mistakes could cost you your reputation, so slow down and be extra careful. Things may have been smooth in your love life but a sudden misunderstanding could lead to a full-blown fight, so do watch your words and stay calm under pressure. An unexpected bill or payment may throw you off balance or an error may leave you seething. Yet again, the cards say, stay calm and focused on the present moment.
Breathe a sigh of relief. A tense situation is defused. A difficult project comes to an end. Something you were worried about turns out to be pretty manageable. And a person with a difficult reputation comes across as extremely agreeable. Pleasant surprises are in store for you. You may receive a gift or a compliment that was totally unexpected. And though you may not believe it, there are many who wish you well and love you. Wake up to the blessings in your life and see how fortunate you are. A good month for expressing gratitude and doing acts of charity.
It’s all about love this month. Doing what you love. Listening to your heart. Following your passion. And giving and receiving love. Someone may disclose their feelings to you. Or you may choose to finally say yes and settle down. Wedding bells are definitely about to ring for single Librans. And if you’re already married, look forward to a period of harmony and peace. A good time to travel or go on a much-needed break, use your spare time to research on likely dream destinations. Just watch out for overindulging. Too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good.

Everything seems to bore you. People, places, the same old work at the same old place. A part of you craves excitement, adventure and you may seek to get away from it all for a day or two. A good time to embark on a new fitness programme or start a new diet. The change will do you good. In your relationships, it’s time to stop being so secretive all the time. How about opening up a little more? You may be surprised at what you hear in response. An unlikely encounter could lead to a meaningful friendship. Trust a little.
A temporary setback may get you down. Don’t allow negative thoughts to affect you. Strive to find the positive in the situation even though it may appear hopeless initially, there is a blessing to be discovered. At work, you may feel like the victim of someone else’s power play. The trick is not to show them how you feel. The only way that will get you out of this situation is to keep your chin up and your heart hopeful. This too shall pass. If expecting money, expect delays but eventual fulfilment. Relationships may be strained but things should improve once this phase passes.
Don’t go too much by other peoples promises of support this month. A coworker may let you down. Or completely forget what he was supposed to do. Expect to be completely self-reliant in this period both professionally and personally. A project that was on the backburner may suddenly resurface and keep you on your toes. A recurring ailment may require a trip to the doctor. And if married, ensure your better half is a little pampered, he or she may be feeling a little neglected and may require more of your time.
Learn to be a little more honest about your feelings and quit feeling like its your duty to make someone else happy. If you’re in the habit of taking the blame for everything that goes wrong, step back and realize at the end of the day all of us are responsible for our own lives and our own states of mind. Boost your own confidence at the workplace. No more self-doubts, you’re good but you need to believe in yourself. An opportunity may come your way, don’t turn it down without hearing the other person. The better your relationship with your inner self, the better your connections with others.
Travel is on the cards for Pisceans. An opportunity comes your way to broaden your horizons and learn something about the world. A wonderful period for students, expect to shine in your studies. And even if you’re considering a workshop or self-study, know that you have the ability to excel. Personal relationships are at their harmonious best. You shed your inhibitions and reach out to strangers with your natural charm. Express your innate appreciation for beauty and don’t suppress your sensual side.



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